4 Types of Roofing Materials for Consideration

When choosing quality roofing Daytona Beach, there are a number of factors you should consider. A major one is what type of roof is best for your home. Many may be surprised to learn about all the different options available. Consider just four.

  1. Metal Standing Seam

standing seam roof is among the most popular type of metal systems for a residential home. With its interlocking design, this roofing system is designed to keep moisture out. It tends to last a long time, up to 50 years or longer. While not the least expensive option, it is affordable.

  1. Tile

There are a number of tile options, including clay and concrete. Clay tiles do well on homes near the ocean and in hot climates. While these roofs are durable, last long and look great, they are among the more expensive roofing materials. Concrete tile roofs are a less expensive alternative to clay. Concrete works well in hot climates. It is also a heavy product that stands up well to high winds. Although it may not be as attractive as other high-end roofing materials, some concrete roofs are finished with a coating that provides a more decorative look.

  1. Slate

Many people think about historic homes when they hear about a slate roof. This roofing material is an elegant option that is also quite expensive. Slate shingles are made from real stone and require specialized skill to install. Although pricey, slate shingle roofs far outlast most others, often more than 100 years.

  1. Synthetic Slate

This is a much less expensive alternative to a natural slate roof. It is also attractive and can often be mistaken for natural slate when looking at it from the ground. Although it doesn’t last nearly as long, some have warranties for as much as 50 years.

Although there are more materials to think about when selecting a new roof, these four are certainly worth considering.

Clare Louise

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