4 ways to use email to drive traffic

Did you know that email marketing is still a preferred method for driving traffic? While there are plenty of ways to communicate with your customer, this method can prove to be beneficial if used correctly. Here are four great methods to consider.

Social Media Campaigns

Effective branding with a social media campaign is an excellent way to generate an email list. By asking for an email, users can get the opportunity to gain additional bonus offers like reduced pricing.

As a bonus, you can give more deals for customers who refer friends and family. A Digital Marketing Agency can help you launch an effective campaign.

Effective Pop-Ups

As you’re browsing a site, a pop-up can be used to add more email subscribers. Businesses of all sizes use them, but the tone must be kept conversational and positive.

If misused, they just become an annoyance for someone visiting your site. Think about what the message should say and the placement of the pop-up.

Use Powerful Subject Lines

First impressions are indeed made within three seconds of meeting someone. This same philosophy is applied when crafting an email. If you can’t get someone to open your email, you’ve lost them.

Pack a strong and effective subject to entice the reader to open the email and take action. However, keep the subject short and meaningful.

Personalize Your Emails 

If you’re sending out a mass of generic emails with no attention to detail, it’s likely your emails will be ineffective. A personalized email can improve click rates substantially. Similar to other aspects of email marketing, keep your tone upbeat, and try to provide value to the reader.

Using email is a fantastic way to drive traffic. Utilize these methods to help improve your marketing goals.

David Curry

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