5 Beautiful Beaches in Likupang that You Must Visit

After being designated as a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) for Likupang Tourism, this area at the tip of the North Minahasa Regency is increasingly recognized. Many foreign and foreign tourists from outside the province of North Sulawesi, even abroad, mention that the Likupang area does have a lot of natural potentials, especially the sea, empty islands and beaches, culinary and cultural customs that collaborate so that it becomes a characteristic and not necessarily owned by other regions.

1. Pulisan Beach

The beach, which is located in Pulisan Village, East Likupang District, is now a hit because the view of the Pulisan headland is right next to it. In front of this beach, there is a view of a group of islands in the Likupang Islands. In addition, there are many photo spots and complimentary rides on this one beach.

Pulisan Beach consists of two separate parts: a large beach in the middle to the left and a small beach on the right. Both are the same, it’s just that Pulisan’s small beach is a bit steep but closer to the Pulisan cape, but the panorama can indeed be reassuring. To go to the remote beach location, you only need to turn a little to the right and immediately enter the parking area.

2. Surabaya Beach

The hallmark of this beach is a black sand beach. This beach has been famous since the 1990s as a recreational beach for residents. The view that you can find from this beach is a cluster of islands, and the other side is the magnificent appearance of Hotel Casa Baiyo.

This beach is also famous for being a fishing location, and if you are lucky, fresh fish can be a menu choice when hungry on this beach. The mainstay menu on this beach is grilled fish with corn rice.

3. Paal Marinsow Beach

The location of Paal Beach is not far from Pulisan Beach because it is just side by side. This beach also offers beautiful white sand beaches and views towards the sea of ​​Bitung City. One of the attractions of this location is its mainstay culinary, fried goroho bananas, coffee, and mixed fruit ice are still the culinary characteristics of this beach. You don’t have to worry about starvation while enjoying the charm of the beach.

4. Beach in La Merry dan Kinaari Resort

These two beaches are located in one coastal location, namely in Tarabitan Village, West Likupang District. You don’t need to stay at this resort to enjoy the beauty of the white sand. The beach is very beautiful at sunrise. The beautiful instagramable pier adds to the beauty of this location.

To note, if you go through the Airport – Likupang road, you will find La Merry Resort Beach first. Furthermore, although quite close together, Kinaari Resort has a different entrance. What is certain is that the beach location is equally amazing and very instagramable.

  1. Beach in Casabaio

Hotel Casabaio or Casabaio Paradise Resort Likupang is located in Maen Village, East Likupang District. At this location, the beach has white sand and also has a water sport area. Not only during the day, even at night the beach is very beautiful, especially when the moon and stars start to appear, but it’s also an amazing sight. As a five-star hotel, of course, the entrance ticket is quite expensive, but this one is still affordable.

Whether your trips take you on a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts, or urban attractions, additional research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Likupang by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

Alison Lurie

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