5 Best Rated Options for Business Looks

If you have an important business meeting, and you have gone to few or none, you should know that it is very important to dress image ties appropriately when going to it. Your image is the business card of the company you represent, in addition to your own, so it is necessary to take care of the little details. To do this, you have to take care of small aspects that you may not have noticed. Here we show you a small list of tips. You can get more on bestrated.co.nz.


The Self Tolerence

  1. To show self- confidence, it is important to feel comfortable with how you are dressing. For this, a suit that makes you feel good and calm is the ideal. This is achieved with one that fits you well, neither too loose nor too narrow, that is in accordance with the fashions and trends and, most importantly, you have to like it.

The Tie

  1. The tie is the most expressive part of the formal dress of men, and for this reason it is crucial to choose it correctly. Avoid very lively types of ties, with drawings and others. A stripedtie can be nice, however if you look young it may appear that you are wearing a school uniform, not serious. Too flashy models can distract attention; however there are powerful but very correct colored ties. You don’t need to choose a smart tie. Take a spare one in case you get food or drink stains that you carry. You can the perfect tie for you at corbatas.es.

The Right Style

  1. Always wear the button of the shirt collar and tie the knot of the tie in the right place, but without tightening too much. If the knot moves or slides a lot, you can use a needle to keep it still. The proper length at the end of the tie is the height of the belt. Never so that there is space between the tie and the belt, and never inside the belt.

The Coat

  1. Although you probably take off your coat at the entrance, it is important that you enter the office with a good piece on the suit in case that is where the first impression you give is made. The anoraks or any other piece of sports style are not suitable. Avoid fur coats and shearling pieces, as your pretty suit jacket could end up fluffy.

The Changing

  1. If you have a secondmeeting with the same company or people in the same week or the same day, change your appearance in the way you dress, alternating the color of your blouse, tie or shirt. This expresses personality, hygiene, dynamism and creativity.

Here are the options that you will have to consider now. The options are perfect for you look and therefore it is of great importance that you follow them perfectly. Do remember that you look for the business is the most important matter and so you will have to be specific on that.


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