5 Gift Ideas for the Special Lady in Your Life


You and your significant other give each other gifts all the time. Between Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, your birthdays, and Christmas or other religious holidays, you’re out of gift ideas. You’ve been giving her candles, lotion, and tea, and while these generic presents are all right, it’s time to take things to the next level. Check out these five gift ideas and get ready to impress your lady friend.

  1. Sexy Underwear

Part of your present to her is also a present to yourself. By buying men’s underwear with pouch, you keep your junk in a nice, tight package, perfect for getting things started on a steamy night. You also get to experience the feeling of a hammock for your balls, something you’ll never want to go without. So she doesn’t feel like you’re using her gift as a way to make your crotch feel good, buy her a matching pair. Another option is to show up wearing only the underwear and see where things go.

  1. Cozy Pajamas

Sexy underwear is the gift that keeps on giving to both of you, but at some point, you want to curl up and stay warm. Get your boo some fuzzy jammies so that when she’s had a hard day at work, she can relax and forget about the stupid people she deals with. The matching route is also always a good option with this present, especially if you have a favorite movie you watch together. Nothing says “I love you” like matching Star Wars pajamas for your next marathon.

  1. Weighted Blankets

You and your lady friend love to cuddle, but, unfortunately, you can’t always be together. One way to keep her feeling secure when you’re gone is a weighted blanket. People who have anxiety find these blankets particularly helpful, but anyone can enjoy them. You’re guaranteed to get bonus points on your gift if you talk about how the blanket is a hug from you when you’re not able to give her one personally.

  1. Meal Prep Help

Even if your girlfriend loves cooking, there are nights when the last thing she wants to do is stand in the kitchen. Before your next holiday, make five or six meals ahead of time and stash them in her freezer so she has plenty of ready-made dinners. If freezer space is limited, give her coupons for meals made by you, to be cashed in at her leisure. For the guys who aren’t great at cooking, buy her a subscription to a meal-prep service or sign both of you up for a couples’ cooking class.

  1. That Thing She Really Wants

Pay attention to your significant other when she’s complaining about something at work and see if she mentions something she doesn’t have. For example, if she’s a teacher, she probably talks about how her classroom doesn’t have enough tissues or hand sanitizer. If she works at an office supply company, she wishes she had a coffee maker in her cubicle. If her office doesn’t have a good cleaning staff, she wants a robotic vacuum. Watch out for gift ideas that are hidden in your girlfriend’s complaints. For example, if she always talks about how long it takes to cook after work, an Instant Pot is a good solution. These ideas may seem less fun than sexy underwear, but they’re guaranteed to put more than a twinkle in her eye.

Buying presents should be a fun way to show your lady friend how much you care about her. Don’t be afraid to be cheeky, but make sure you balance things out with some heartfelt gifts.


Clare Louise

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