5 of the Best Folding Knives for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Although it’s very unlikely that you will be required to skin a game or gut a fish, there’s still plenty of reason to own a knife. You never know when you’ll need a tool to help you complete a task outdoors. Hence, it’s better to be prepared than to find yourself needing a tool that you lack. A good folding knife is a good companion to help you in such endeavors. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, explained below are 5 of the best and toughest folding knives.

CRKT Drifter

The CRKT drifter has a 3 inches long blade, and you can open and close it using one hand. The drifter excels at all the elements that make for a successful knife. It has a handle that is contoured to fit both big and small hands. Its light texturing improves the grip. The model has an excellent fit and finishes with no cheap plastic like other knives.

Kershaw Cyro

Kershaw Cyro is one of the greatest everyday carry tools in the world. It has a unique combination of affordability, durable material, and a timeless silhouette. The Cyro comes with an ergonomic stainless steel handle, an all-gray colorway, and a versatile drop point blade. These features make the Cyro your everyday carry load out day in and day out. Simple yet beautiful, the Cyro should be your top choice.

Benchmade Mini Griptilian 556

If your budget is larger and you are looking for a knife that pegs all the minor details, this Benchmade is a top choice. Compared to other knives, Mini Griptilian 556 is simply a better knife – better pivot, better ergonomics, better blade steel, and a better locking system. Due to the lock and reversible pocket clip, this model is very convenient to carry everywhere. If you enjoy taking good care of your knives and want one with premium touches, this Benchmade is a great investment.

Blue Ridge Knives Esee Zancudo

The Zancudo has a larger handle, a stronger blade lock, and more metal in the body. Together with the unusual and comfortable teardrop-shaped handle, these features make this model a tough folding knife for aggressive work. Although its durability and performance level are unnecessary for everyday use, the Zancudo is the choice for handling tougher jobs.

Buck Knives 55

If you want a knife with a traditional feel, then the Buck knife 55 should be your choice. With its more classic look and style, the 55 has an interesting age-old feel. However, this comes at the expense of more modern touches such as a textured handle, a pocket clip, and a one-handed close and open. The Buck knives 55 has a sturdy body and a nice overall construction, making it a very tough folding knife.

In conclusion, there’s more use for a folding knife outdoors than we can imagine. There’s plenty of use, from skinning games to cutting fruit from trees. Therefore, choosing the best folding knife should be a decidedly intimate process. What works for you may not work for another. Studying the knives’ characteristics can help you decide which suits you best. However, discussed above are some of the best folding knives. B. Merry Studio is a great company that deals with a variety of knives hunting and survival knives. Visit their website bmerrystudio.com for more information.

David Curry

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