5 practical tips to stay healthy working from home

Staying healthy and working from home can be proved to be a very healthy combination when it comes to work and fitness. According to a research, it was revealed that 65% of employees agreed to be more productive when they will be working from home rather from their traditional office places and another 75% employees agreed to the fact that is more efficient working from home rather than their working in their company.

But these benefits come with new challenges and when we take up work from we are required to keep a special check on our health as working from home can create new health challenges provided the comfort of home. But worry not as Alan Thicke who was a Canadian actor, songwriter, and game and talk show host have truly said that, “Fitness needs to be perceived as fun and games or we subconsciously avoid it.”

Therefore we have clubbed together with the top five very practical tips on staying healthy when working from home. Which are easy and fun as well as practical in achieving our fitness goals.

Establish a realistic home exercise routine:

We should first and foremost focus on developing such an exercise regime that is not very tough to follow and we can do it easily at home. We can look into hundreds of on-line five-ten minutes intense workout sessions which we can include in our break times to keep us fit and healthy. It can simply consist of walking or running for instance we can take Ali Ghani Calgary-based entrepreneur and investor from Canada. In his spare time, Ali Ghani enjoys working out and running. Which in turn helps him manage his stress and fitness.

Devise a healthy diet (and stick to it):

When are talking about maintaining our health when working from home or anywhere, we should understand how much significant role the diet plays in maintaining our mental and physical well-being. Hence it is of utmost importance to keep our food or calorie intake strictly limited and by cutting down the snacks from throughout the day and design a diet that is very particular and fulfill our specific needs. In addition to this, we should also take care of keeping ourselves hydrated by having a water bottle with us at all times to keep us hydrated.

Stay safe to work smart:

Once we have our diet and exercise in place we should now ensure that our workspace at home is health-friendly. By that we mean our workspace should be well-lit and also that all our equipment ergonomic for instance the height of our computer or the chair design, which should provide proper lumbar support.

Invest in fitness equipment:

We should also not hold back while investing in our fitness pieces of equipment. We should make ensure that we get the best quality types of equipment in the market so we do not encounter any problems while working out which can even result in injury. For instance, a pair of dumbles can be a great investment to work our whole body and build some muscles. But if it is of low quality it can have an uneven weight which can affect our muscles symmetry or if it’s clipping gets slipped off due to third-grade quality it can even result in injury

Take time for your wellbeing:

When we start working from home we may experience that the line between work time and leisure time gets blurred, therefore it is of much importance that we have a strict timeframe of working on the computer as well timeframe for our leisure or recreational time to relax and renew our energy so as to boost our productivity.


We don’t need to do extreme workout or strict diet plans to be healthy and fit whilst working from home. We can deploy these 5 easy yet practical tips to keep our health in check and maintain our physical and mental well being which can greatly help us in increasing our productivity.


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