5 Reasons To Get Pumped About P90X2

This article is going to share the five main reasons anyone should begin to get excited about P90X2 by Tony Horton. This new workout is an entirely updated sequel to the original program that actively changed the lives, bodies, and minds of average exercisers from all walks of life.

The first reason that so many people are excited about this is because they are eager to build upon the results that they achieved by using the first program! The first program builds great results, but this sequel is specifically designed to build onto them and deliver even more. Consider P90X as the foundation upon which all P90X2 exercises, nutrition suggestions and fitness advice comes from.

Reason number two for people to get excited is because this routine will only require five days a week of exercise. The idea that “less is more” could not be any better understood then with this newly updated workout routine. The original routine was a 6 day a week regimen, however this updated routine is much more intense and therefore does not have to be performed as often as the original did. Another positive aspect of a 5 day a week regimen is that your body is given an extra day to rest. Due to the intensity level of P90X2, this extra recovery day is a must.

The third reason that so many people are eager is because it was created with help from Dr. Marcus Elliot and the Peak Performance Team. Dr. Marcus Elliot is one of the most frequently requested personal trainers in the world of professional athletics. Many people are excited about the chance to receive input from such a professional while in the comfort of their living room. A commodity that up until now was only available to the upper echelon of fitness professionals.

The fourth reason for excitement is due to the P90X2 video trailer. Until a couple of weeks ago the world had no visual idea of what to expect from Tony Horton’s new workout. The video specifically shows Tony Horton using not one, but two medicine balls. There is an entire section of the program using these two medicine balls to their full core building advantage. Exercisers will be happy to know that these exercises are designed to chisel out their core and will primarily be used with chest exercises.

Reason number five has to do with the simple fact that the actual cardio part of the regimen is built right into the main exercise routine. P90X offered separate cardio sections that concentrated on tactics such as Plyometrics, Cardio, Kenpo Karate and others to get the heart pumping. With the new program most of the DVD’s will thread cardio exercises throughout it. The emphasis will be placed not on specific days devoted to getting your heart rate up but consistently keeping you in the cardio zone as you exercise every day.

These are just but a few of the reasons why any P90X fan or curious exerciser can get pumped about P90X2. There’s going to be even more information released as the preorder release date of August 31st gets ever closer. With 14 newly formed P90X2 workouts, even people that cannot afford to invest right away in dual medicine balls or whatever other accessories might end up being needed should still be excited for this program.

Note: Before starting any intense workout you should assess your current levle of fitness by using these fitness tools and calculators.

David Curry

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