5 Simple Tips to Spruce up Your Interiors

Nothing can beat the pleasure of living in a well-designed home. However, interior designing is a skill, and it might take you some time to decorate your interiors like a pro. But that doesn’t mean that you have to keep up with dry looking spaces, as there are specific techniques that everyone can implement. From exploring some beautiful wall art pieces to browsing through wholesale ceramic pots for keeping various plants, there’s certainly no shortage of ways to adorn your abode.

Some simple yet effective ways by which you can truly transform your surroundings are mentioned below.

1.   Make Your Room Less Cluttered

You might be tempted to put various pieces of furniture everywhere in your room. But it only ends up overcrowding it. Every room needs some breathing space, and less is always more when you want to create elegant interiors. You don’t need to stack a furniture item in every corner; use a few but quality furniture items to give a sense of openness and make your rooms look more spacious. For example, do not fill your living room with too many sofas and chairs. Also, try to reduce the number of display units on your shelves.

2.   Add Some Texture With Plants

Plants have been used for generations to decorate various indoor settings. Different kinds of plants can add a lot of texture to any setting. On the other hand, artificial plants require little to no effort in their upkeep. They also prove to be a reasonably inexpensive home décor. You can look online for shops offering wholesale ceramic pots in different colours, buy them at a lower price, and put some small plants on them. For adding texture, ensure that your plants have leaves in various shapes. Plant pots can easily enliven corners that look lacklustre. You can also place a set of potted plants on a tabletop beside your bed.

3.   Pay Attention to the Height of Wall Hangings

People often make the error of hanging their artwork at the wrong level. Due to this, the painting or the wall hanging becomes less noticeable. You can rectify this error by hanging them at eye level, 60 inches from the centre to the floor. The eye level of an average person is 57 inches from the floor, and if you choose to hang the artwork above any piece of furniture, make sure to hang it at least 4 to 6 inches above it.

4.   Find a Focal Point

One of the main design principles is the requirement for every room to have a focal point, as your eyes need to rest somewhere. A room becomes much more inviting when you have such a point. The focal point can be anything special like a dramatic furniture piece, mirror, or picture. So, to find this point, look around and identify the most prominent feature, for example, a picture window, fireplace, or bookcase. If your room lacks a distinguishing architectural feature, you can use a large furniture piece as a focal point.

5.   Create Harmonious Interiors 

A major element of your home’s interior design is the colour of your walls. Some people commit the mistake of painting their walls first and then installing all the furniture and related décor items. Instead, you should first install all the furniture pieces and then paint the walls in a similar colour pattern. Your wall paint and the colour of your décor should blend well with each other, as it will impart a balanced and cohesive look.

Pay attention to these points whenever you think of revamping your interiors or are settling into a new house. This way, you’ll certainly be able to carve an aesthetically pleasing place for yourself.

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