5 Steps to Planning the Best Family Camping Trip

Planning a family camping trip involves a lot of meticulous research and packing. Make it a little simpler by looking at the following five steps to planning the best family camping trip.

  1. Ditch the Tent.

Camping with your family doesn’t mean everyone is happy sharing a tent. Instead of roughing it in the woods, you may want to rent private cabins Massachusetts for lodging. You will have access to your own bathroom, electricity in the kitchen for cooking, and a quiet place for children to take their naps or go to bed early at night.

  1. Find New Adventures.

Family camping gives you the opportunity to create new memories and try new activities. Besides the usual camping fun, like hiking, fishing, or canoeing, you should find and book new adventures that everyone gets to try for the first time together, like horseback riding on woodland trails, white water rafting, rock climbing, and mountain biking. You could be especially accommodating and let everyone in the family pick an activity.

  1. Sit Around the Fire.

Camping in the wilderness hopefully means that the cell phone signal isn’t very strong and that everyone has a lack of access to Wi-Fi. Instead of relying on cell phones and laptops for entertainment, you should build a fire in the evenings and let everyone reconnect over s’mores, hot chocolate, and ghost stories.

  1. Cook Together.

Cooking over a fire is certainly an interesting experience, especially if the kids have never attempted it. Plan your meals in advance (you could even let the kids plan one or two themselves) so you know what you need to pack and how you can better minimize waste.

  1. Invite Everyone.

The ultimate family camping experience could also involve the whole family, so extend an invitation to several people. You could make it easy to host by having every family unit be in charge of a certain number of meals and at least one day’s worth of activities.

Enjoy your family camping trip by planning carefully and then allowing yourself to have a great time.

Clare Louise

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