5 Things to Look for in a Real Estate Agent

Agents make the buying and selling an easy task but what if they are not the sincere one. The unprofessional behavior can increase the frustration level in both parties. So you have to consider various aspects before finalizing the agent.

Many claim themselves as real estate having no proper knowledge and certification in the field. Many works on the strategy: low the commission the more the clients. Don’t go for such agents without thorough research. As some are genuine, they may offer a low commission to attract new customers in the competitive market.

Ask for the Marketing Plan:

This is applicable for the sellers. A better marketing strategy can attract a lot of buyers. Ask them how they will advertise the property and what their marketing plan. Not only buyers see a lot of properties before choosing the right one but the seller also chooses the buyers wisely.

Ask them the following questions:

  • Which channel they use to advertise the property?
  • What’s the propaganda for social media channels?
  • How they advertise in the newspaper and on the local magazine?

Negotiation Skills:

Buyers look for the lowest possible price at which they get the desired property and the seller looks for the highest price they can get. So, what agent can do in this scenario? They have to take care of both parties.

They have to make aware sellers in case they are charging higher as compared to the market price and in the same way, they have to educate the buyer of the minimum price beyond which the deal cannot be done.


Beware of the listing that is done at the realtor website. Sometimes, they are exaggerated to attract a good number of buyers. Always ask the brochure and the presentation through the mail.

Sometimes, the website is not updated frequently; the listed property may be unavailable. So be very sure while choosing an agent. Cross verify the details available on their website, whether they are authentic or not.

Nobul is an online platform free and easy to use for both the buyers and sellers and the agents. Nobul Corporation allows users to assess and differentiate real estate agents based on their fees, services and the verified reviews from former clients.

Ready to arrange the face-to-face meeting with the seller:

Ask for scheduling the meeting with the seller before finalizing the deal even if they are staying at a distant location. Do not rush to make the payment.

If they are reluctant in doing so, take it as a warning that you are misled and refuse to go for the property no matter how desirable it is. There may be delays due to genuine reasons but what if, they do not have a satisfactory explanation to arrange the meeting.

Make sure they Provide all the Details:

Ask about every detail like the carpet areas, floor plate area, and efficiency percent, how to finance the property, and all other details possible.

By asking a few questions, you will be able to judge the knowledge level of the agent.

Paul watson

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