5 Things You Need To Know When Purchasing River Tables

River tables have been trending on social media recently, with hashtags like #rivertables, #resinrivertable, and others. You’ve probably seen videos of these magnificent works of art and furniture, but what exactly are they? Because of its extraordinary beauty, a resin river table is the hottest new trend in bespoke furniture and custom carpentry.

A river table’s design and form aren’t fixed in stone, but they almost always have a transparent or coloured moulding resin that has been placed in-between spaces or along the panel’s natural border. Certain tables are resin-cast from a complete piece of wood, while others merge two slabs to create a “river” effect.

If you’ve seen these and want one for your house, there are a few things you should know before purchasing one. Let’s take a look at them!

  • River Tables Are More Comparable To A Work Of Art Than A Furniture

This means that no two pieces are the same, and each table has its own personality. If you’re searching for something extremely precise to fit your home, supply as many references as possible because there’s so much potential for creative interpretation.

  • River Tables Can Be Cast With Objects

If you like beach-inspired decorations, for example, you may cast sand and snails into blue resin to create an “ocean table” rather than a river table. Casting rings or meaningful artifacts into the resin is another option that some of our clients have suggested. This is entirely feasible for a piece that tells a much more compelling story.

  • River Tables Comes In Any Colour

The manufacturer specifies the casting resin to be used, but they can add an unlimited number of pigments to the resin to generate various colours and levels of transparency. They can utilise shiny flakes to add some more pop to your table if you want something with a metallic sort of look.

  • River Tables Comes In Different Sizes

This one is rather simple, but it is critical to have this information before starting the inquiry process for your table. There is no set size for these tables because they use live edge slabs. Due to the tree, certain slabs are cut relatively short, while others are cut exceedingly long for things such as conference tables. Simply tell us how many people you want to see and the size of the area you have available, and we’ll find the right match for you.

  • River Tables Comes In Various Types

Almost all of the resin river tables, including the legs, are entirely adaptable. If you have a favourite type of leg, you can request that it be used to create a matching pair for your table. Metal and wooden legs are both excellent choices for the base, providing plenty of strength and endurance to support the hefty tabletop.

How to Choose the Ideal River Table

River tables work well in almost any style of decor due to their inherent adaptability. To pick the best choice for your room, pay particular attention to the colour of the wood, the type of river, and the table legs. You have the option of choosing between minimalist, mid-century, or modern design.

How Much Does A Resin River Table Cost?

River tables can cost anywhere from a few hundred pounds to thousands of pounds. The cost of anything produced is primarily defined by the amount of time and work that goes into its production (excluding things derived from high-value raw resources such as platinum and gold).

A lot of the particular design decisions are based on how much money you would like to spend. Approaching a manufacturer with a budget and a general idea of what you want, as well as any inspiration photographs, will guide you through the process. The more limited your options are, the lower your budget will be. Every maker has their own set of circumstances and costs, which can alter their rates.

Why are River Tables a Good Investment?

Because of the way they combine natural form wood with epoxy creativity and distinctive wood or steel fabrication for the legs, no two resin river tables are the same. Every component is chosen to meet the specific needs of each client. This customisation usually begins with a discussion of size, shape, budget, and other design alternatives.

The colour, shape, and movement of the edge of a wood slab can all be quite different. Burl slabs have a curving complex living edge and a more exotic wood grain, which can produce a more intriguing river, but they are more expensive than typical slabs with straighter grain. The resin craftsmanship might be fully transparent, glossy, shimmering, solid colour fill, or even many layers.

Take Away

Before you begin buying, make sure you’ve carefully planned your design. Because river tables are made up of individual pieces of wood and other materials, you’ll need to develop a way for manufacturers to secure all of the parts and stabilise the table as a whole.


Clare Louise

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