5 Top Music Artist Management Companies in NYC

As a music artist in today’s digital world, competition is tough. Making yourself known and heard all over the world is one of the top priorities of being a music artist. Talent is not enough to break through the music industry, and this is where the expertise of a music artist management company comes in.

Teaming up with the best management for artists’ music is winning half the battle as you can focus on becoming a better artist while the management takes care of the promotional and business side of things.

Here are the top 5 music artist management in NYC:

5. DGI Management: Their roster includes a wide variety of music artists – DJs, recording artists, music talents, and even music producers. The company makes sure that its roster of talents are the best in their genre and are consistently in-demand.

4. Iconique Music Group: Founded in 2007, Guy Eckstine took advantage of his expertise in the music industry and his experience with artists and repertoire representation to put up this company as digital media began to gain popularity. The Iconique Music Group is composed of experts in their own field as they manage their roster of talents and keep them at the top of their game.

3. 4AM (4 Artist Management): The company is headed by a talented group of individuals with extensive experience in event planning and artist management. They provide a wide variety of services and their roster of talents includes DJs, rappers, instrumentalists, bands, and singers.

2. Big Management: One of the top management firms, their roster of talents include big names such as Cher, David Guetta, Janet Jackson, and has worked with Randy Jackson’s Dream Merchant 21. Having been around since the 1980s, Big Management is surely one of the best music artist management in NYC that you can ever work with.

1. Guion Partners: Founded in 2005, Lindsay Guion used his 20+ years of experience in the music industry to help artists in this cutthroat business and become huge successes in their own genre. GUIÓN PARTNERS is more than just a music management company, their expertise can be felt across the film industry, the sports industry, and even in technology. Guion Partners have helped artists such as Mya, Ginuwine, and D’Angelo become successful in their own careers.  Guion Partners believes that real talent should be heard and supported and launched into success. With Guion Partners, you are sure to find one of the best music artist management in NYC.

If you are searching for the best management for artists music, go for the team that will surely believe in your talent. Look for the team that does not just focus on your music but also makes sure you are a well-rounded artist by helping train you, and providing you with the right media exposure for your audience. Go for the team that helps you realize your full potential by giving you a platform to grow and become a better version of yourself as an artist.

Hone your talents, and work with the team that will be happy to provide all the advice and strategies you can use to become a successful artist.

Paul Petersen

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