5 Updates To Improve An Older Home

Updating an old home can make living in it as exciting as the day you purchased it. Here are five tips for updating your current home to make it feel like a brand new space worthy of staying in on a weekend night.

Purchase New Appliances and Fixtures

Fixtures include everything from new lighting concepts to new faucets installed by an Austin plumber. When installing new fixtures, hiring a professional to do the leg work will ensure a grade A quality job. Sometimes when we try to do updates ourselves, it can be more costly in the long run if you make a mistake.

Remodel Bathrooms

Another great way to update an older home is a complete remodel of the bathrooms. Plumbing is one of the most common outdated systems in older homes, so hiring a plumbing company Austin to complete an inspection on a yearly basis is a good way to find out what updates are needed. A new jetted bathtub adds a touch of European spa luxury. A walk in shower with a rain spray nozzle is modern and sleek. There are many ways to create the perfect bathroom you have always wanted.

Install Updated Flooring

New floors will update the vast majority of your home, especially if you replace hard to maintain carpet with hardwood or laminate flooring. If you have pets, or even young children, you may want to consider a stone patterned tile, as it hides dirt and grime well, is easy to clean, and is visually appealing to a variety of decorating styles. You won’t regret switching from carpet when you see how new flooring adds value to the aesthetic of your older home.

Add A Fresh Coat of Paint

Paint is not simply limited to the inside of the home. A fresh coat of paint on the outside (or a new color on the trim or front door) makes your older home look cleaner and more pleasing to the eye. It also adds curb appeal. Painting the inside of the home is also a fun weekend project. Involve your children in painting their room any color they would like. It can even become precious bonding time with reclusive teens.


Nothing says new home curb appeal than a beautifully landscaped front yard. To update your old home, think of purchasing new plants for the flower beds outside, or plant a vegetable garden in the backyard.

Updating an older home to look more expensive and luxurious can be a fun project. The end result will be well worth the hard work.


Paul Petersen

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