5 Warehouse Organisation Ideas to Boost Productivity and Morale

Several companies in Singapore are moving their businesses online to deal with the worldwide pandemic. Companies that rely on brick-and-mortar business operations have been the most affected. Are you one of those owners?

You might have been one of the hesitant business owners when it comes to adopting eCommerce strategies before the Coronavirus. It is also understandable because you do not want your investments in leasing commercial spaces, the steel rack shelving, the retail interior design service, among others to be put to waste. But, the pandemic has put businesses in a do-or-die situation. So, you have left with no choice.

The picot to a digital model has been challenging, but you will see your business flourishing with the right marketing strategies. In no time, you will be needing a warehouse to manage your product inventory. If that day had already come, let this article give you ideas on organising it in a way that favours your employees!


The Importance of Warehouse Organisation

Having a robust warehouse organisation plan is crucial. It allows you to receive and store all your new stock efficiently. Depending on the unique needs of your business, you will need to invest in certain equipment, such as stainless steel racks for storage, among other things.

With this in mind, when you put importance on your warehouse organisation, these are what you will experience:


Lower operational costs

When you have a management system for your warehouse, you can eliminate waste. By waste, it means waste of money. Putting money on an organised warehouse will lessen potential costs from excessive material movement, time-consuming placement, and product retrieval.

With the time you save, operating will be a breeze. Human errors are minimised and everything has its place on a series of steel rack shelving. In this way, your staff follows a seamless process and you will no longer need to hire more staff!

Make the most out of your warehouse space usage

Online retailers, for instance, need a floor space where there is functionality. It helps them locate relevant and specific items that will only take minutes or even seconds. Thus, it proves that the way you use space and how you plot your floor plan will help you occupy every nook and corner of your rented warehouse.

Establishing a flow among your lines and lines of chrome plated shelving will help maintain material rotation. If you are the type of business that values first-in, first-out (FIFO), last-in, first-out (LIFO), or first-expired, first-out (FEFO), ensure that you have a floor plan that allows you to create a system!

Inventory visibility

Accurate, real-time inventory is favourable to business owners. Thanks to technology, you can have an automated system that updates you on your supply. Having this will enable planning functions to know which certain products are in demand, and what is not. With this information, you can avoid overstocks and losing stock!

Labelling your shelving also helps in making your products visible. Attaching location trackers, or GPS trackers, to your steel table and shelf in Singapore can also keep them safe within your warehouse premises. More so, it helps employees locate stocks without getting lost in the rows and rows of products you have.

Whether you have a small or big business, a well-managed warehouse system you will have more control over your operations and increase efficiency. It is what your customers deserve as well. Streamlining all processes from order to delivery, availability on products will be more accurate with specific delivery dates, further reducing customer complaints!


Warehouse Organisation Ideas

Being in the online business for quite some time now, you may have unpleasant experiences. Sometimes, it can get chaotic enough to put you out of business. Hopefully, you do not get to experience those in the future!

Do not worry because there are strategies that you can apply. It may be as simple as investing in a 3 tier stainless steel trolley and hiring a warehouse management head!

Practising inventory management techniques can go a long way. However, businesses have unique ways of operating. Therefore, there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to warehouse organisation. So, where should you start with yours? Here are some ideas you can follow:


Have a floor plan

When you acquire a warehouse for your business, you will be given a layout of your warehouse. Here, you will see the amount of space that you have with its accurate measurements. Understanding what space you have is crucial because this is how you will create a floor plan.

You are in the design phase of your warehouse. Take a step back and consider the large pieces of equipment and how much stainless steel racks for storage you need. How will you lay them out on your warehouse floor?

If you do not want to hire a professional to help you with the interior, schedule a meeting with your warehouse manager and staff. They will know what flow will be more efficient. For instance, establishing zones of storage and receiving next to each other. In this way, it is easy to let your employees input the new supplies on the storage shelves.

Print labels and signages

One of the easiest techniques to implement in your warehouse is to label each stainless steel trolley you got from Singapore providers. If you have several products, this is an extremely useful practice. When you label your inventory, you can easily input them into your warehouse management system where it will be constantly updated.

The zones in your warehouse also need necessary signages for safety. Fire extinguishers and fire exits are the most important safety measures you need to have in your warehouse. It is in the law that you make it clear where your employees can exit in case a fire breaks out.

Do not go shy when it comes to adding signages. Add signs to any hazards or ceiling restrictions to ensure that your employee is safe. Of course, do not forget to replace the signages when needed, especially if there have been errors or misplacing in your inventory.

Regularly review your storage capacity

Seasonal surges in sales can leave your rows of steel rack shelves empty. You do not want to lose sales because you ran out of storage to add more stock for specific items. Reviewing your storage space and capacity regularly will help you find more storage solutions. One of them may be investing in more pieces of chrome wire trolley or other shelving units.

Find out the maximum storage capacity of your warehouse. Remember that you should also maximise the vertical capacity of your space. Typically, a warehouse would reach the ceiling with five or six levels of robust shelves!

In this way, you will know whether you should rent out more warehouses or expand to a bigger warehouse space. Remember when you are investing in shelves racks for storage, go for a chrome plated shelving. It ensures portability, strength, and an attractive wire structure that is versatile enough to maximise space.

Spend some days in your warehouse

Immersion not only applies in a cultural aspect. It also helps in familiarising yourself with business operations. You cannot have an opinion without experiencing the issue itself. This goes the same way as your warehouse organisation.

Remember that your business would not operate without the people on your warehouse floor. If you do not value or listen to their suggestions to revise your warehouse floor plan, you will have sluggish sales operations. All of your investment for a stainless steel trolley in Singapore might be put to waste. You do not want this to happen. So, you should spend some of your days in the warehouse.

Familiarise yourself with inventory management, you will see lapses and you will get to improve it first-hand. If you think you need to focus on the growth of your business first, consider hiring a professional with experience in warehouse management. They will be the ones to report to you the problems in your operations and provide solutions!

Train your employees

An employee performs better when they know that they are being taken care of by their employer. Whether you provide them with benefits or conduct seminars and certifications to prove that they have been trained to manage warehouse operations, they will be grateful and return the favour by performing their best.

You might be surprised that they even initiate maintaining and cleaning your 3 tier stainless steel trolley or steel table in your warehouse. Being a business owner means you should also care for your employees. They are the backbone of your business, anyway.

When executing these ideas, never forget to invest in the highest quality and then hire the most qualified people who are willing to work with you. You may have adopted the best warehouse management system out there, but nothing beats a business owner who is not afraid to get involved with how their business operates on the warehouse floor!


Top Tips for Maintaining Your Warehouse

Do not let all of your hard work in organising your warehouse go to waste, especially if you have dedicated a significant amount of money to get quality steel rack shelving. An unclean workspace can put all your efforts into boosting your employees’ productivity to nothing. Thus, here are some top tips for keeping your essential employees and warehouse sanitised!


Schedule a cleaning day

To keep pests away from your goods, setting a schedule for a thorough cleaning is a must. Consider hiring professional cleaners when it comes to cleaning. Trust that they will use effective cleaning equipment and techniques to eliminate thriving environments of pests.

Implement a clean-as-you-go policy

Everyone in the warehouse is responsible for anything that happens there. If they do not know how to practice good cleaning habits, you will have to make it a policy so that they will learn. One of these policies is clean-as-you-go!

Train employees to maintain organisation

Not all goods should be placed on top of a steel table you invested in Singapore. These storage units can only hold a certain weight. If it goes beyond that, you will not be making the most out of your purchase. As much as possible, train your employees about the capacities to maintain organisation in your warehousing items!

Always keep your aisles clear

Trolleys and other wheeled vehicles around your warehouse should have a space to move stocks. Of course, it is the aisle. On the warehouse floor, it should always be open and clear of any clutter. Put up signs that will remind employees to stay out of the aisles as much as possible.

Only buy quality shelves

Now that your online business is flourishing, you need to think long-term. It means you need to invest in facilities and equipment, such as a bulk of a robust stainless steel shelf and steel table from Singapore suppliers. Once you find a provider that can offer a fair price, do not hesitate to buy from them!


Investing in the Stainless Steel Racks of Shelvings

As a business owner, you should always evaluate your operations regularly to ensure that you are on the right track to succeed. Of course, the integral part of that is how you manage your inventory. In your warehouse, you must be in control of the process flow to ensure that every minute spent is for a seamless operation!

To maintain a good process flow in your warehouse, invest in the chrome plated shelving, steel racks, and steel tables of Shelvings! They are a reputable brand when it comes to providing robust and high-quality shelving equipment for storage warehouses. Trust that you can maximise your investment because their shelves are built to last for years, as long as you know how to maintain them!

If you want to know more about how you can get customisable sizes of their tables, shelves, and trolleys, you can enquire from their website. They have a selection of shelving racks that you could never find anywhere else. So, visit their website today!


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