5 Ways To Save Time on Lawn Maintenance

Having a nice-looking lawn doesn’t have to take hours of mowing, weed eating and gardening. These five tips will save you precious time and keep your yard looking flawless!

Artificial Turf

Installing artificial grass Austin will make your grass look healthy and green all year, no matter what climate you live in. The best part is you’ll never need to mow, weed eat, fertilize or seed your yard again! It even has a backing that helps prevent weed growth, and it’s safe for pets and kids.

Paved Areas

Paving sections of your yard, such as a lounge area or patio, with stone or concrete, will reduce the amount of grass in your yard. Therefore, you’ll have less grass to mow and less weeds to pull. Not only will this save you time, it will give your yard some style and create great places to hang out outside and entertain guests.

Sprinkler Systems

Anyone that’s spent the day outside fertilizing, aerating or seeding their lawn knows what a pain it can be to keep your grass looking healthy. Installing sprinkler systems can help make sure your grass gets ample amounts of water, so it stays healthy longer and requires less maintenance. You can even program them with a timer so you never have to worry about turning them on or off manually.

Landscape Fabric

When planting a garden, consider putting down a layer of landscape fabric. This added layer will help slow and prevent weed growth, allowing your plants to grow without pesky weeds getting in the way. This will save you tons of time pulling weeds and treating the area with weed killers later on.

Low Maintenance Plants

When deciding what to plant in your gardens and planters, try to select low-maintenance plants. One of the easiest ways to do this is to select vegetation that is native to your area. That way the temperature, amount of rainfall and other variables will already be within your plants’ necessary ranges. Trying to keep plants alive outside of their natural environment takes a lot more time and effort. You may even be able to find plants that are resistant to weeds and insects, so you don’t have to spend as much time pulling weeds and nurturing them.

If you’re tired of spending entire days tending to your lawn, consider artificial turf, paved areas, sprinkler systems, landscaping fabric and low maintenance plants. Following these tips can save you tons of time mowing, pulling weeds, water plants and more!

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