6 Common Myths About UPSC Exam

The popularity of the UPSC civil service exam is increasing every year. Let’s start with UPSC full form i.e. Union Public Service Commission; many young people want to choose civil service as a career nowadays. However, when you are looking for the best coaching for UPSC, you will hear some common myths regarding UPSC. 

Well, these myths are spread by students and teachers. They are spreading it as per their experiences. In reality, you need to focus on cracking an examination. In this article, we are debunking the top six IAS coaching myths. By reading them, it will be easier for you to understand how UPSC preparation works. So, let’s find out.

Top Common UPSC Myths

Before you get admission to a UPSC academy, you need to be clear about some common myths. Here is the list of top common UPSC misconceptions that students spread:

#1 It Takes Many Attempts to Clear

One of the most common misconceptions is about exam attempts. According to many aspirants, you can pass the UPSC in one go. Well, we are not saying that this exam is so easy that everyone can clear it in the first year. 

It depends on your sincerity and how you are preparing for the exam. Many successful IAS aspirants have cleared this exam in just a couple of attempts. 

#2 More Books = More Marks

Not just this exam, this myth is applicable for all competitive exams. It’s very common among aspirants as they think reading more books will improve their marks if they can read more books. In reality, UPSC is an exam that needs proper techniques. 

In simple words, you have to understand and implement some methods to crack this exam. Make sure you are following the IAS syllabus. Choose a good academy as they can give you relevant study materials. 

#3 You Can’t Crack it With Bad English

English is an essential language for official issues. However, many people focus on this subject more than a requirement. English plays a crucial role in the UPSC exam, but that does not mean an aspirant can’t crack it with poor English.

Hence, many institutes and teachers believe in this misconception. To crack an IAS exam, you need to have basic English knowledge. Plus, you can take the exam in your regional language. 

#4 Know Everything

Another common myth about UPSC is you need to know everything to crack the exam. Well, the syllabus is vast when it comes to civil service exams. But you need to be technical about the preparation. 

The best way to prepare for IAS is to get the basic knowledge of all subjects such as History, Geography, Economics, Policy, and more. A good academy will guide you throughout your preparation. 

#5 Poor Academic Records 

Have a poor result on the 10th? No worries, it won’t affect your UPSC exam. Even academic records play a crucial role in interviews, but so many candidates have cleared it even with poor academic records. 

#6 More Study Hours = More Marks 

Just like books, many people believe that you need to give more time to get more marks. It’s not a new myth and we have seen people talking about it during school days. In reality, you need to give quality time for UPSC preparation. 


UPSC is one of the most distinguished civil service examinations. So, it’s common to have some misconceptions. However, you need to understand the truth, especially when you are a beginner. We have covered some common myths about the UPSC examination. Make sure you are choosing the best coaching for UPSC to get top-level guidance. 

David Curry

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