6 Reasons Why Home Security is a Must

If you’ve given some thought to investing in a new home security system or upgrading a current one, there are countless reasons to move forward with those plans. Here are six of the top reasons why having a system along with home security monitoring is a must.

1. Keep Your Valuables Safe

You cannot put a value on the safety of your family, and knowing you are doing all you can to protect them and your belongings from intruders brings greater peace of mind.

This is important considering that the FBI estimates that 1 in 3 homes lacking a security system will fall prey to burglars versus 1 in 250 homes that have systems and home security monitoring.

2. Easily Automate Your Home

Many modern security systems integrate with home automation devices that allow homeowners to control various functions and actions throughout the home. Popular automation features include smart thermostats, light controls, door locks, and appliance controls.

3. Remotely Monitor the Home from Anywhere

If you travel or work long hours, you might want to keep an eye on what’s happening while you’re away from home. Many security systems along with home security monitoring services allow for remote monitoring of camera systems from anywhere in the world via a connected app.

4. Protect Your Home From Fire

Household fires are not that uncommon and having a smoke detector can only help you so much concerning getting fast help if no one is home.

However, many security systems can be integrated with heat and smoke detectors that will automatically send an alert to the monitoring company if the alarm is triggered.

5. Reduce Chances of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Many of today’s systems also offer integration with carbon monoxide detectors to protect occupants from the hazards associated with odorless carbon monoxide. Like connected smoke detectors, triggered alarms send a notification to the monitoring center.

6. Receive Insurance Discounts for Home Security Monitoring and Systems

Just as having a home security system is a must, so is having homeowner’s insurance. By having a system installed, you will likely qualify for a 5-10% discount on premiums, especially with professional home security monitoring.

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