6 Tips on How to Turn Your SMB into a High-Performance Workplace 

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Undoubtedly, even the biggest organizations in operation today started somewhere, and in most cases, small. On the other hand, many organizations started decades ago but are still stuck at SMB, and others failed along the way. The major question now is, what causes the disparity and what are the solutions? This article elaborates on the tested tips that, if applied strategically, guarantee a high performance workplace for sustainable growth and development of businesses.


Employees are very crucial in business operations. For this reason, employers should be very keen when recruiting new employees or filling up positions in their organization. They should ensure that they bring onboard the talents and skills that are beneficial to the firm operations and a team that can effortlessly blend into the organization’s culture. This they can do through:

  • Rigorous recruitment process
  • Selective hiring
  • Having a documented hiring process
  • Defining outcomes desired from employees
  • Describing employee roles and responsibilities onset


Before business owners and employers think of pushing their teams to work better, they must ensure that the work environment is conducive enough for their production. A good work environment is essential in motivating the employees and making them feel like part of the organization. Which subsequently resulted in high production and ownership. This can be done by:

  • Involving employees in crucial decision making
  • Encouraging employees to speak their minds freely and with respect
  • Training organization’s leaders to treat every employee with utmost respect and fairness
  • Taking frequent employee feedback and addressing the issues raised in the feedbacks

Encouraging Teamwork

Togetherness in anything done ensures growth and quality results. To get a team that is knit together, employers should focus on bringing on board a variety of personalities. Of course, perfectionists and high-performers are trustworthy when it comes to delivery. The main problem is they all want to attain independent results and outsmart the others. That means if they are the only ones making the team, the team is likely to be torn apart due to pride and jealousy. Having in place people who are neutral and free to take instructions, plus a handful of high-performers, is a great way to propel an organization’s performance. Similarly, employers can organize forums and seminars to teach their employees the need to work together.

Career Development

In most cases, getting employees that exactly fit into an organization’s needs is tedious. To attain the best skills, employers should focus on career development and enhancement. Holding seminars, sponsoring employees to short, relevant courses, and bringing onboard experts to give tutorial talks to employees is a good way of enhancing career performance.

Recognition and Rewards

Another great way of attaining high performance at the workplace is by identifying employee efforts and rewarding them. Of course, employers don’t have to do this frequently. An annual award program, rewards after the success of a complicated project, and rewards for jobs delivered before or on schedule can do the magic. Employers can also introduce bonuses and incentives to high-performing employees and provide and cater to employees’ health insurance. These simple acts can go a long way into motivating workers since they feel cared for and appreciated.


Communication is another key point in increasing productivity and workplace performance. One arrogant leader, and poor conflict resolution skills among the employees and the employers is a sure way to demoralize a worker. To keep the performance above, employers should ensure that their organization’s leaders train on the best ways to lead the employees effectively. They should also have a right and elaborative channel of conflict resolution. 

If growing the workplace performance is anything to go by, the tips discussed in this article will produce quality results under any given situation. The main homework employers have is to understand what the needs of the business are and providing.  


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