7 Steps Of Writing The Perfect Essay

The essay only seems so simple at first glance. However, if you do not use assignmentwriting.services, you will have to write it by yourself and the following information will be useful.

Step 1. DAT (definition, analysis, thesis)

Read the topic carefully, explain all concepts (list synonyms), interpret it in all possible ways, make all possible theses.

Step 2. Brainstorming

Write down any questions that come to your mind about this topic. Then enter in any order all authors, all books (pictures, musical works), their heroes and quotes that you could use in every previously allowed possibility, philosophical, intellectual, literary, and artistic trends associated by you with a given possibility, historical and biographical context.

Step 3. Mental map (or plan)

In the first stage, discard from this multitude of used, uninteresting examples, this way they will be the most valuable and the most accurate. Then the remaining examples need to be linked with each other in terms of the general meaning of the essay.

Step 4. Studies

It’s time to deepen your knowledge about each of the previously mentioned cultural texts, social topics, or public opinion.

Step 5. Editorial

Collect all thoughts, edit them linguistically, compose properly structured paragraphs, give them titles and subheadings.

Re-read each particle, verify its linguistic compositional correctness, title, and paragraph order. To do this, use the mental map made at the beginning.

Also, pay attention to whether the titles and subtitles make a meaningful and logical whole.

Step 6. Come back from the beginning

Write an essay introduction. The introduction should introduce you to the subject, encourage reading, and outline the approach to the essay in general.

Step 7. Final cuts 

Read the paper and correct it regularly. Postpone work for a few days. Make the last correction.

Enjoy your essay!

Clare Louise

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