8 Ways Rummy Makes Your Valentine’s Day Special

The Valentine’s Day is one of the special days for loving couples. On this day, couples enjoy spending time together. They do things to make each other happy. There are lot of activities romantic couples take part in throughout the day. But, for card-gaming enthusiasts a day without a game of rummy is like a day without their dear one. Basically, playing cards is almost an indispensible part of their lives. But why worry, you can still celebrate the Valentine’s Day while making some time for rummy. Here is how you can do so.

  1. Exchange Gifts

Make your Valentine’s Day memorable with your beloved. Out of all the romantic gifts that you both exchange, make a room for entertainment. One of the gifts you can give is a pack of cards. These can be used to play a rummy game with your partner. Use it up as a pastime in the evening or the afternoon. In the free time, playing cards can actually kill boredom. You can even involve your friends and family members in the game if you wish too.

  1. Go Shopping

Take your better half out on a date. We have an idea for you. Why not go for shopping? Perhaps you can purchase something thoughtful, something that will be fun. Most of the couples prefer to purchase new clothes, jewellery, gadget, and other expensive items. However, for once you may want to think differently to impress your dear one. Maybe you can download Khelplay Rummy app (a card gaming platform) on your partner’s mobile phone. And then go ahead and make a cash deposit on the app. Now your beloved can enjoy playing more and more rummy tournaments.

  1. Visit a Garden

Take time out to visit the green fields and gardens. Here, you can spend some good and quality time with your partner. Maybe you both can speak about life and the future plans ahead. Get to know each other better over a quick snack of food. Or play the Indian rummy with the pack of cards. Playing the game will certainly boost your mood. Nothing feels better than challenging and teasing your dear one over a game of cards.

  1. Play a Few Games

Like mentioned, you both can play rummy online, but you may even play other indoor games. These could be video games or other board games, which rack your brain. Probably a word game or Monopoly will get your thinking cap on. If you want to spend time outdoors, then play passing-the-ball, box cricket, or another game. Basically, have maximum fun because it is the Valentine’s Day. The occasion comes only once in a year for you to make the most of it.

  1. Flirt with Each Other

It is the day when lovers get together and spend time with each other. So why think anything else? Get comfortable with your beloved and engage in healthy flirting. A little teasing here and there can add spice in your relationship. Now, in card games it may be difficult to find scope to flirt. But, you can still have your way. Why not make the game more interesting by adding a few dares. For instance, the winner gets to do something funny and romantic for his/her partner. Or the one to draw the card from discard pile gets a sweet-little playful punishment.

  1. A Close Dance

While you can have all the time in the world with your special one, there is nothing like a close dance. Get cosy with your better half and groove to music. You can learn a new dance form and teach a move or two of it to your partner. It will surely bring some pleasant surprise to your beloved. Now, it is time to keep rummy aside for a while and make time for some closeness with your partner.

  1. Candlelight Dinner

All the games, dance, and activities are sure to make your stomach grumble during the meal time. Like how the old school thought goes, candlelight dinner always works. So why not pull a chair close to your dear one, and enjoy a meal together. You can dim the lights and place an incensed candle at the centre of the dining table and converse with your beloved. You can even talk about special strategies on how to play rummy like a pro, or just about anything.

  1. Watch a Movie Together

Once you are closing in for the night, you can snuggle with each other and watch a movie. Now it could be a movie in your own home theatre or laptop. Anything works to bring a great closure to the Valentine’s Day. Put on a movie which both of you enjoy. Perhaps put on a movie that your partner likes the best and does not mind re-watching. Or you both can watch something new. Drive to the closest cinema hall perhaps and relish over a new movie.

To Conclude

There are many ways you can make your Valentine’s Day joyful with your loved one. For a gamer, playing rummy could be one of the ways to do so. But, even then, there is complete scope to make the day happening over activities, cute and romantic things to do.

Clare Louise

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