9 attractions in Semarang to check out

To a tourist, the main attraction of a place he or she travels to is to find a place where one can relax with nature and enjoy the moment. Semarang is one of the best places where, as a tourist, you can ever find the best experience in terms of enjoying yourself and doing the things you like. Semarang is one of the largest cities of central Java province in Indonesia. It is an awesome place that offers an opportunity for any low or high-income earner to shop all year round. It offers several multicultural experiences that will leave you enriched. If you are coming here, do check out some hotels in Semarang to stay at during your visit.

Here are the best places that you are going to enjoy visiting in Semarang.

What are the Best Places to visit in Semarang?

Semarang being home to tourists, the following are the best places that you can visit and enjoy the environment.

  1. Lawang Sewu Building

Are you looking for a place where you can take your partner for a vacation? Well, if yes, then this is the best place for you to visit. This place has a lot of history in it as it used to be the administrative center for the Indonesian railways. There are a lot of beautiful ornaments there that will amaze you. Besides, there are decorative prints on the buildings, that were left from time immemorial till now.

  1. Holliday restaurant

Holliday restaurant is a two-story restaurant located in Semarang. It offers very delicious food that every person visiting Semarang must visit. The place is always packed to capacity due to the services that the restaurant offers.

  1. Toko Wingko Babad

Toko Wingko is also one of the beautiful places that you need to visit in Semarang. It serves delicious meals that make you feel more than Indonesian residents. The place also has a famous bakery which has lasted for over a century now. It is at the Old City Institution, and the bakery serves warm coconut cakes that attract a massive number of visitors.

  1. Chinatown

Chinatown is a place worth visiting in Semarang. The area sells intricate pottery in a Chinese flavor yet distinctly Indonesian. The sumptuous food at the food stalls ensures you will not stay hungry when you visit. The area has a vast of beautiful temples which you can visit. Also, there is a river along where you can go to relax and enjoy the attractions of Semarang. The shops in these areas are aplenty and sell awesome jade jewelers that capture the attention of many visitors.

  1. Simpang Lima

Simpang Lima is also another place that will make your visit to Semarang more appealing. The area has a cinema hall where you can take a chill break. It has various shopping streets where you can find anything you are looking to buy. It is also the friendly hub of the modern Semarang. This place is worth a visit as it has lasted since the Dutch times and boasts of buildings built in Dutch architecture.

  1. E plaza

E plaza is one of the best places in Semarang that offers a beautiful night out for every couple. It is around the Simpang Lima Square and has an upmarket club. At night, there are also cinema halls where you can enjoy yourself and afterwards, you can visit a bar lounge and get a good drink.

  1. Jammu Jago

Semarang is famous around the world for the manufacturing of herbal medicine. If you wish to visit the largest manufacture, ensure that you visit this place and learn something before you leave Semarang. The area has a fantastic museum which most people visit and get to see the best things in the world. Jammu Jago is a place worth visiting, and its only 6 km away from the city.

  1. Jammu Nyonya Meneer

Jammu Nyonya Meneer is a medicine shop to visit. It is found just near the bus terminal which is able to reach easily. The factory produces Jammu, one of the medicines that Semarang is famous for. In our opinion, you would be unfair to yourself by not stopping by at this place and checking out their local produce. The area has lasted for many years, and the locals enjoy the herbal medicine they produce.

  1. Semarang old town

If you are looking for an off-the-track place for a fresh environment, then this is the best place in Semarang to visit. The area is pleasant for photographers or individuals who want to get away from the bustle of the city. Attractions include buildings since during colonial times which visitors visit daily. There is also a local market where locals go to buy their items, and tourists are more than welcome to visit too.

In conclusion, there are many places not mentioned herein that you need to visit in Semarang. There are several temples that you need to visit and many heritage sites. The locals are amiable; hence you are guaranteed of the security. Make a decision and visit Semarang the home to the beauty.


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