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A Bachelor of Commerce, shortly known as a B.Com degree is one of the undergraduate programs in commerce. The course provides students with an overall understanding of streams like finance, accounting, taxation and management as well as improving their management skills. As in the case of any professional degree, one of the most important steps while pursuing the degree is to choose the right institute. Loyola College Chennai was established in 1925 in Tamil Nadu and is an autonomous institution affiliated to the Madras University.Loyola College Admission process is through the Application forms floated on the institute’s website.


What is B.Com?

Bachelor of commerce covers various subjects such as Accounting, Insurance Management, Economics, Business Law and Corporate Legal Aspects, Tax Management among others. It is a course that teaches the students various core commerce aspects including basics of businesses, business management and working of business houses, legal knowledge about businesses, Taxes and taxation schemes, audits and the corporate ways of running businesses.

In the three year span of the course, it covers subjects such as financial accounting, cost accounting, corporate laws among others. The best part of doing a B.Com is that subjects keep on varying in each semester keeping the student’s minds fresh.

Unlike other programs like say BTech, you can relate everything that you study in this course, with your day to day life.

Admission Process

In most institutes, to be eligible for admission for B.Com, the candidates should have passed XII Examination with relevant subjects from a recognized board/university. Loyola College Admission process also follows the same criteria. Admissions will be purely based on merit and performance in the entrance exam and interview rounds if any.

Career options after B.Com

During the final stages of your studies, i.e, when you are going to complete your graduation the first question that comes to the minds of every student is – What next?

Here are some of the career options you can pursue after graduating as a Bachelor in Commerce:

  1. CA (Chartered Accountant) or CS (Company Secretary): A CA or CS is one of the most sought after and highly paid career options in the field. There has always been a high demand for CAs in the market. It also helps to open up more opportunities in the business field.
  2. Professor/Tutor: Students can also move on to higher education such as a Master’s degree in commerce. This makes them eligible to apply for NET (National Eligibility Test) to pursue a career in teaching/lecturing.
  3. Banker:Completing an internship and an investment banking program makes you eligible for a Banker’s license. Bankers are of high priority in the society because they give their customers a plethora of services. Opening a savings account, setting up certificates of deposit, handling trusts, investment accounts, deposits, lines of credit and much more are assisted by them.
  4. Government Jobs: No other jobs can provide the sort of job security as the government jobs can. Government jobs provide fixed working hours without a need for an overtime, excellent pay packages, stress free work environment and other perks. Additional benefits such as medical, housing loans etc are all available.

They can also explore other fields such as Human Resources Management, Legal Advisory Internal Auditing etc.

Investments Required

The degree is one of the most cost effective when compared with other under graduate programs. The Loyola College Fee Structure is laid out such that education is affordable to economically backward students also. The total fees for the 3-year course comes to around ₹14000. The ROI (Return on Investment) is exceptional as the placement cell at Loyola college works tirelessly to cater to the career of the students. Mandatory internships and training programs on communication and employability skills are organized throughout the academic year for the students. The college has a great track record of getting students placed at top tier companies namely TCS, Wipro and Infosys among others. Average package offered is around ₹3 lakhs. Scholarships and other concessions are also provided in the Loyola College Fee Structureto reduce the economic burden on students with low family income.

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