A Crash Course To Commercial Interior Design

When most of us think of interior design, we may conjure up an image of beautiful dining rooms, grand living rooms, exquisite bedrooms, and other parts of the home. But in reality, interior design is so much more than creating aesthetically pleasing places in your house. Interior design services are used for much more than just houses and homes, even if it’s what we first think of.

The scope of interior design

While most of us think of modern luxury when it comes to interior design, in reality, it’s just a small portion of what interior design is. Residential interior design (or home interior design) is still important, yes, but other types of spaces need interior design services as well. For example, have you ever spared a thought for the kind of work and planning that goes into creating offices? Or how restaurants are styled or designed? Maybe you’re curious about how hospitals are designed to be more efficient?

These questions all fall under the realm of interior design, or more specifically, commercial interior design. If you don’t know what commercial interior design is, it’s a branch or type of interior design service that focuses primarily on– you guessed it!– commercial areas.

“Commercial areas” doesn’t just mean offices or buildings, though. There are many places that fall under the category of commercial interior design but aren’t necessarily strictly for business. Here are some of the most unexpected examples of commercial interiors:

Schools or universities. While there are many schools that aren’t run just for business, schools require experienced commercial designers to help create rooms suitable for students to study in

Government buildings like city halls. Even local or national governments rely on commercial designers to help design their interiors for their workers.

Airports. Our airports are a hub for many businesses to come and congregate. Many experienced interior designers have come together to help create the space that is now being used by millions of people each year.

In short, commercial interior designers focus on designing public spaces that multiple people enjoy. The biggest differences between commercial and residential interior design are that commercial spaces are made for many people or is meant to be used by the public, while residential spaces are designed to be personal spaces used only by the client, their family, or their loved ones.


What makes for a good commercial space?

Do you have plans for a commercial renovation of your space? Well, the requirements for each commercial space will likely differ from project to project. So whether you need help designing a retail space or planning to open a bar and resto, it’s better to get help from an experienced interior designer to make the most out of your space.

Unlike residential interior design, though, there are more factors to take into account than just the personal preferences of the client. You need to mind the multiple individuals using the space from your employees to your customers, you have to make sure your space looks marketable, You need to make sure it will be universally appealing to your target market, and you also have to ensure that the equipment and other necessities for business can be used well within the space.

Because of this, commercial interior design can be much more tricky to handle than most normal home renovations. Since there is much more at stake when it comes to your projects’ success, you have to ensure that the commercial interior designer you choose knows exactly what they’re doing. This will highly benefit your business in the long run.


How can I choose the best interior designer for their services?

You don’t need to hire an award-winning interior design firm in Singapore if it’s out of your budget, but if you want the best interior for your new commercial space, you should at least consider it. Interiors matter a lot in a customer’s decision whether to go into a store or not.

Want to learn how you can choose the best interior design firm for commercial services? DO your research. There are many companies that specialise in commercial interior design, and you should try finding one that has experience in your business’s niche. Don’t forget to view their portfolio of past works so you can decide if they have the skills necessary to create the look you like.

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