A Look at the Buildings of the Future

The substantial increase in population has forced the community to increase the construction of residential buildings. As a result of this growth, construction methods and materials used have changed. As new studies are done, new questions arise. Will we be able to cope with the massive increase in buildings? How will companies face the carbon footprint issue?

Statistically, the construction industry accounts for almost 40% of annual CO2 emissions. It represents a heavy carbon footprint. The thing is that the more the population grows, the more buildings are built, and the bigger the carbon footprint is. The question is how are we going to reach this goal? People need buildings, but we also need a planet on which to build them and that can provide us with food and water. Because of this, the construction industry is changing. Companies know that the time to act is today. One of the ways to counter carbon footprint is with sustainable building.

Do You Know What Sustainable Building Is?

Sustainable building means using resources and methods of construction that are easily replaceable, recyclable, or good for the planet. It is how the construction sector should face the carbon footprint issue, and in consequence, it also should be the future of the construction sector.

Becoming greener seems like having to make a radical difference, but it’s really not. If you have never heard the definition of green or sustainable building.

The focus is to reduce the impact of construction on human health and the environmental impact of these materials, as well. Of course, it will require a restructuring of the traditional way the construction sector works but most of the professionals are accepting it and training themselves so they can more fully participate. One great example of this is Bill Starkey, an experienced custom home builder who knows that green building is a knowledge and skill that is worth emphasizing.

He has done many, many projects, and works to be sustainable.

How Can Companies Become More Sustainable?

Some upfront ideas that companies can take to work toward sustainability:

Maximize Structural Efficiency 

Instead of producing CO2 to make bricks, there are many natural alternatives out there. Sustainable woods and bamboo are both strong and great for house building.

Minimize Waste

Normally, construction produces a lot of waste. Minimizing waste will help things go green very quickly. Sometimes waste is inevitable, but recycling and reusing everything possible goes a long way.

Recycle & Reuse Material

Re-use and recycle all that you can. This helps in so many ways. Empty glass bottles can be used to make windows, recycled wood is often available. Doors and windows can sometimes be reused, depending on their condition. When materials like metal, bricks, or concrete are reused, the embodied carbon footprint is lower than it is when creating these materials new.

Popularity Increasing

There is no doubt that green construction is becoming more and more popular, and that is good news. As environmentally friendly construction methods and the recycling of materials are becoming increasingly important, the carbon footprint will eventually become smaller. Even when it takes time, each little step will be a battle won. 

Agnes John

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