Accomodation Options for Construction Workers

Construction projects take a great deal of coordination and teamwork. They also often take a long time to complete. One factor that construction companies often have to consider is where their workers are going to live during the project.

Many construction operations take place in remote locations or require significant travel to and from the site. In these cases, the best way to accommodate your workers is to have them live on or near the construction site in temporary housing. Here are a few options.

On-Site Mobile Living Spaces

If your construction site is in an uninhabited area or a hard-to-reach location, then having on-site temporary housing may be your best option. There are a few different types to consider. Mobile trailer homes are one popular option. Shipping containers and railroad cars have also been successful choices. If your project is on a waterfront then think about a barge company near me to provide housing for your workers.

Hotels and Other Rental Options

Alternatively, off-site options like a traditional hotel or extended stay hotel may be a good option for your workers’ needs. A rental home, apartment sublet, or monthly Airbnb may be in order if the project will take an extended amount of time. These accommodations are all typically fully furnished and have discounts associated with longer-term leases and stays. These options typically only work though if your construction site is in or near a populated area.

Corporate Housing

Corporate housing is another potential option if your company has ongoing or repeating projects in the same location. Corporate housing entails having a hotel, apartment complex, or condominium solely devoted to housing workers for a specific organization. The construction company can either contract with a corporate housing company or own the corporate housing themselves. The employees of that company then will rotate in and out of the housing as often as necessary.

Ultimately, it is up to you to build the right environment for your workers so that they build you what you want and any of the above options can serve you well.

Clare Louise

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