Advantages and Disadvantages of Air Fryers

Air fryers act as all-in-one cooking equipment to provide fried, baked or grilled food without using much of oil. Their self-contained, heat circulation technology comes with several benefits along with few disadvantages as well. Let’s explore some of them to let you have a better idea. Meanwhile, click here for a good deal on air fryers in Sri Lanka.


  • Healthier meals

Air fryers can produce the same results that fried foods generally want but without any oil. Air fryers dramatically reduce calorie intake by 80%. As a result, you get healthier meals with less fat and caloric intake. If you are a health-conscious person, an air fryer will avoid all the absorbed oil and extra calories to produce a healthier version of your food.

  • Efficient cooking

It takes air fryers only a few minutes to preheat the container before placing the food. The hot air produced during the process stays trapped inside and therefore, no heat is lost. Also, when the cooking starts, there is very little loss of energy from the air fryer. As a result, the entire cooking process becomes more efficient.

  • Require less space

Generally, air fryers are compact and will occupy very less space in your kitchen. Also, they are lightweight, and you can easily move them around or tuck away in a store when not using.

  • Simple to use

 Air fryers are pretty simple to use, and you may not even have to go through the user manual. All you have to do place the food, apply a little amount of oil, set the temperature and time, and you are done. Even kids can learn how to use an air fryer and can make their favourite snacks themselves.

  • Easily cleanable

Since air fryers use very little oil, cleaning them is relatively simpler and non-hectic. Unlike deep fryers that use a huge amount of oil and require intense scrubbing to clean, air fryers are easily cleanable. All you might need is hot water, a bristle brush, dishwashing soap and a little bit of physical work.


  • More cooking time

Cooking takes much longer with air fryers and cooking time is almost double than the time required in conventional frying. Moreover, an air fryer also takes a few minutes for the preheat system to warm up before dumping in the food. So, if the guests are waiting for dinner, you might want to think again before opting for an air fryer.

  • Limited capacity

Air fryers are not suitable for big families due to the limited container capacity they have. Thus, it can be a daunting task to cook for big family dinners. Also, the food might have to be sliced into small pieces before placing in the basket.

  • Less crunchy

Deep fryers submerge the food entirely in oil to produce well-crunched food in the end. However, an air fryer might not be able to provide the same level of crunch. Adding more oil and increasing cooking time may not help at all.

  • Different taste

Since air fryers use only a little amount of oil, the food provided at the end has fewer fats percentage. As a result, the food might not taste the same the way you are used to usually having. In fact, you might even find it less tasty.


On the one hand, air fryers provide healthier food with greater ease-of-use, but on the other hand, you’ve got to deal with longer cooking duration and different food quality. With air fryers, it’s only a matter of choice whether you chose tastier food over healthier food.

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