Advantages and Disadvantages of shag rugs

If you are looking for a focal point for your new room then you can consider beautiful sisal rugs. Flooring plays a very important role in increasing the elegance of the room. Expert says that if you want to change the appearance of the room then you can change the floor. Shag rug can be a good addition in the room and it can make your room’s floor attractive. Shag rugs are not the new ones but they recently made a good comeback. These rugs have always been favored because of their unique look. The advantages and some dark sides of shag rugs are as follows.


The advantages of installing shag rugs are as follows.

  • Increase Warmth

If you are living in a cold climatic condition then you should install beautiful shag rugs in your room. If you have floorboards or tiles in the room then going with a shag rug can be proved as a good decision. The shag rug will cover the area and make your room temperature warm and comfortable. By placing shag rugs in all areas of the home you can make your home more comfortable to walk.


  • Variety of Materials

Another great advantage of choosing shag rug is that you can get in any kind of synthetic or natural material. You should choose the material based on the area where you want to place the rug. For example, if you want to place a shag rug in the kitchen then you should choose a material that is resistant to water. When it comes to the best shag rugs, a wool shag rug is one of them. Wool shag rugs are non-toxic, easy to clean, and come with different great properties.

  • Softness

One of the best things about shag rugs is that they are included in the list of softest rugs. These rugs feel like heaven under the feet. You can comfortably sit and even lie on them. You can sit on this rug for many hours while watching TV.


  • Expensive

Those who have less budget cannot go with the shag rugs. Because these rugs are expensive to manufacture, their prices are high. The shag rugs are also available in low prices, but such rugs are not durable. If you will buy low quality shag rugs then soon you have to replace it.

  • Shedding

Although high-quality shag rugs are durable they are not a sensible choice for a heavy foot traffic room. The reason is that the fibers of shag rugs can shed due to every day’s friction.

  • Proper Care

To maintain their beautiful look, shag rugs require proper care and attention. Unlike other rugs, shag rugs attract dust and they are also known as dirt magnets. Regular vacuuming will help to keep the look of shag rugs new. In case, if a spill happened, you must clean it before they dry.

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