After Dark Activities You Can Enjoy In Reykjavik


Reykjavik is a tiny city in Iceland. Natural formations such as the Northern Lights and the Golden Circle surround the Northern Iceland city. Many holidaymakers visit Reykjavik to tour its rugged wilderness. It has a vibrant nightlife and culture. Yet, many visitors don’t know the different things they can do in the city at night. In this post, we explore seven evening activities in Reykjavik that you will enjoy.

1. Visit Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur to Buy Tasty Hot Dogs

Iceland is known for its sumptuous meals. Most of them cost an arm and leg. But, Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur sells delicious hot dogs at affordable prices. Tourists flock the restaurant to snack in the evening. The hot dogs are made from lamb sausage and sweet sauces. Beztu Pylsur is open till dawn. It has several stands in Reykjavik that attract hundreds of clients once they open.

2. Attend Music Concerts at Húrra

Húrra hosts many music events annually. It is one of the most vibrant places in Reykjavik. Visitors attend different events each day in Húrra. You might find a movie show in the region occasionally. Generally, Húrra plays electric music. It is an ideal place to experience Reykjavik nightlife.

3. Grab an Icelandic Drink at Skúli Craft Bar

Reykjavik has the tastiest Icelandic beers. It has over 130 craft beers with a selection of 14 drinks. Skúli Craft Bar is a cozy place with quality craft beer. It has friendly bartenders who you can socialize with as you sip your beer. Also, the bar has a Pac Man machine.

4. Dine at Kolabrautin

Kolabrautin is on the Harpa Concert Centre. It offers a panoramic view of Reykjavik. The fusion restaurant serves creative and unique delicacies made with local ingredients. You can take your family to Kolabrautim after attending a concert at Harpa hall.

5. Watch the Northern Lights

A typical Northern Lights tour offers a memorable holiday experience to foreign tourists. It is an amazing wonder that you can watch from certain places. The tour will provide a clear view of the Icelandic landscape and the Northern Lights. Even so, it is difficult to see them at times. It is advisable to visit Reykjavik from September to April to see the Northern Lights.

6. Dance at Paloma

Paloma is a large dance venue in Reykjavik. Its two floors play different music genres. It has a pool table in its basement. The club has a spacious dance floor on the second floor. You can spend your evening hours at the vibrant club.

7. Tour the Nautholsvik Geothermal Beach

Take a stroll at the Naotholsvik Beach after dinner. It has a cool breeze at night. Many locals like swimming in Geothermal Beach. It has a hot water pump that keeps its water warm. But, the number of guests at the Nautholsvik Geothermal Beach drop significantly during winter.

Reykjavik is a perfect holiday destination in summer and winter. You can engage in a wide variety of evening activities in Reykjavik such as drinking, dancing, taking a stroll and attending music concerts. They will keep you occupied till midnight. Besides, some activities are appropriate for children. My Visit Iceland organizes thrilling evening tours in Reykjavik at affordable rates. Call us now at +354 5545414 to make a hotel reservation.






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