All About Lab Grown Diamonds Australia

Lab grown diamonds are known by various names, but, it is most popular by the name of ‘man-made diamonds’. These diamonds are formed in laboratories where the creators take special care in up-coming diamonds. A lot of studies have been conducted on this field and the researches have come up with the idea that lab grown diamonds or man-made diamonds are not fake diamonds but just a replica of natural diamonds. The environment that is created for the formation of lab grown diamonds Australia is the same as those of the natural diamonds.

  • History

There are a lot of controversies with the date of the formation of the first lab grown diamonds. There has been a doubt that it was first formed in the year 1897 or 1928.  Although the dates are not yet confirmed, it has been observed that these diamonds we’re made available since the 1940s. Many researches on this field have shown that General Electronics (GE) had first come up with the introductory diamond in the year 1954.  But, it was not until the 1970s that the gem-quality stones were formed and it was only in the 1980s that man-made diamonds were available for the public.

  • Formation

The formation of natural diamonds and that of lab grown diamonds are almost similar and the processes are as complicated as it could possibly be. Though lab grown diamonds are grown in laboratories, it is important for the general public to understand that the environmental and climatic conditions are reproduced in the laboratory with the help of advanced technologies. Two processes that are most important for the formation of these diamonds are High Pressure-High Temperature (HPHT) and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD). HPHT is used to create the right temperature and pressure required for the formation of these diamonds and CVD is used to heat up the diamond seed to up to 800°c.

  • Price

The starting price or the most basic price for a lab grown diamond is only $3000, but the price keeps fluctuating with the size of the stone. In comparison to the natural diamonds which cost around $5000, it is quite pocket friendly. These synthetic diamonds are generally priced lower than natural diamonds because it doesn’t require any other expenditure like the salary of the miners, transportation costs, and much other such expenditure, but, a natural diamond includes all of these charges.  They are formed in the laboratory without harming the environment or the health of the miners.

Final impressions

Lab grown diamonds are gaining popularity with time, people are now re-considering before they buy a diamond, as it has a lot of ethical issues. The pricing of lab grown diamonds is kept very reasonable which makes it easily available to people of all class, and economic backgrounds. The growing demand has shown that people are now more nature friendly and want to have things that do not hurt humans or mother earth. If you haven’t bought a lab grown diamond, give it a try and you’ll surely love it.


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