All You Need To Know About Baby Playpens Before Buying!

Choosing the playpen that is best suited for your baby is very important because it serves two major purposes. Firstly, it keeps the parents relaxed about their baby’s safety while they are playing and secondly, it is an ideal cozy space for the baby to sleep comfortably and safely. There are a variety of types to choose from, keeping in mind the necessity of the baby.

How are Playpens used?

This is used to keep the baby out of reach from household items that might be harmful to him. It also keeps the pets away from the baby or the toys near him. The crib can take care of the baby’s safety when you are not immediately around him. It also enables the baby to sleep beside you, without any discomfort.

Types of Playpens

  • Traditional- These are built with drop-side facilities with a hard floor and vinyl padding, having mesh around its sides. It is not very portable and requires parent supervision always.
  • Portable- These are designed to fold it more compactly. There are sizes to choose from ranging from 28” to about 40”. Features like net changers for infants, or toy storage or even attached wheels are available. PinkiBlue portable playpens for babies are perfect for babies weighing around 15 pounds who cannot roll over or pull up along the edges of the crib.
  • Travel- Some playpens are separately marked for meeting travel purposes. A definite set of instructions and warnings come with these and meet two safety standard sets prepared by the industry. These can have your baby sleeping without direct supervision.

 Features of Playpens

  • Mesh sides provide ventilation and also help to keep an eye on your baby.
  • Handy storage pouches that help store the baby’s toys, clothes, or other essentials.
  • Easy portability with the help of wheels.
  • Removable bassinet creating a raised sleeping surface for the baby.
  • An attached removable changing area for quick and easy baby dressings.
  • Handy storage pockets for baby skincare necessities and utilities.
  • Soft floor paddings to prevent the toddlers from getting injured in any way.
  • Doubly padded top rails to help maintain hygiene while the baby is teething.
  • Removable piece holding toys to keep the baby entertained.

Buying a baby’s playpen is a very responsible task as any wrong purchase would lead to the baby’s discomfort and not ultimately suiting its purpose.

David Curry

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