Are Electric Generators and Motors Similar?

The differences between generators and motors are determined by their functions. This article will discuss the main peculiarities of a 3000 watt inverter generator and a motor. These tools are two separate mechanisms performing different tasks, so if you need an extra electricity supply at home, you need a generator. On the other hand, if you don’t require a source of electricity but just want to use it, you should select a motor. Here we will provide you with examples so that you can better understand which device you exactly need. 

What Is an Electric Motor?

First, let’s focus on the differences between a generator and an engine. Here are some distinctive features of the electric motor:

  • a motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy;
  • the engine works on the principle of rotation of the conductor when it enters the electric field;
  • the motor uses electricity;
  • electric motors use various types of rings and collectors.


These are distinguishing features of an electric motor, which you should pay attention to while choosing between the tools. An engine is present in an electric car, a scooter, or a bicycle. Ordinary people encounter electric motors more often than generators. Common people choose electric generators for different needs.

What Is an Electric Generator?

The biggest difference between a motor and a generator is their interaction with electricity. The generator is a massive device that produces electricity for further use. That is, the generator causes the engine to work. Here is the simplest scheme of their interaction: The generator provides electricity for electric cars or something else. However, the generator is similar to the motor in some structural elements.


Before you buy any device, you need to understand the specifics of its use. If you need to generate electricity, you should opt for power generators. Most people select this type for home use. Choose an electric motor when the existing one stops working. It cannot generate electricity.

How to Choose an Electric Generator

Since a generator has more benefits than a motor, it will be rational to understand how to pick the right generator for you:

  • First of all, you should pay attention to the potency of this tool. If there is not enough power, then the generator will be useless.
  • If you use a home generator, you need to take a backup type (it produces more electricity). If you need a generator for a hike, it is better to take a portable one, which is lighter. An inverter generator is similar to a portable one but it produces less noise.
  • Determine the source of fuel. It can be gasoline, propane, or gas. The choice of fuel depends on the type of generator.
  • Budget. Backup generators are more expensive, while portable ones are cheaper. Be prepared to spend money on a good generator.

Electric Generator or Electric Motor

We hope now you know that the main difference between the tools is diverse usage techniques. The generator creates energy, and the motor uses the power produced. Most often, people choose a generator since its use is more versatile.


David Curry

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