Are Private Jets Safe?

Today, we are becoming more aware and concerned with everything that is happening around us. In the past, you may have jumped at the chance to charter a private jet, but now it is giving you cause for doubt. It is no surprise with all the information available that people are beginning to have concerns about things they never thought about before. There was a time when a private jet was something only the richest of the rich considered, but times have changed. While it is still more expensive than flying commercial, a private jet can be a better option for some. That leads many of us to wonder, but it is safe? The answer may be a surprising “yes.” Before you jump on an international jet, check out all the reasons behind our “yes.” 

Fewer People

Believe it or not, when there are more people that fly on a plane, it may be more dangerous and not less. Commercial airlines often fly at full capacity, often leaving not one seat open on the plane. Airlines try to do this because the more people per flight means the more money they can make. It also means the more flights they can have available. Airlines may cut corners to get more flights off the ground, which makes it more dangerous. A private jet is not concerned with getting as many people on the plane as possible. The price associated with chartering a jet is typically based on the number of hours, not the number of passengers. 

Safety First

Private jets have comprehensive and tough compliance and safety testing. It almost seems as though a private jet has a more strict check than commercial airlines. Often, private jets hire third party companies that specialize in safety to ensure their planes meet the highest standards for safety. The companies that are able to meet these standards are incredibly safe.

Weather Conditions

Many people think incorrectly that private jets are often stalled due to inclement weather conditions. That is not necessarily the case. Believe it or not private jets are often better suited to handle bad weather than many commercial airplanes. These types of planes can land just about anywhere and at more airports than a commercial plane can. If a travel plan must be changed quickly due to weather, a private jet is better able to react and change course. 

Time Saver

Flying a private jet allows you to reach your destination faster. You do not have to wait for the hundred or so people on the plane in front of you to grab their luggage and deplane. You are able to grab your stuff and go. Private jets can land at smaller airports which may be able to get you closer to your intended destination. 

Paul Petersen

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