Artificial grass: A complete Guide

Artificial grass or synthetic turf is quite a popular name these days. Whenever you are going to decide about the flooring of your lawns or sports ground artificial grass might be your first choice. The reason is simple; it gives a natural look in low maintenance within the economical budget and guarantees long time durability. With the arrival of new trends, it has become easier to buy a turf or artificial grass of your choice. Artificial grass is available in type’s sizes and colors. Not only this, you can choose to select and alter it according to your preference.

This article will be a complete guide about its types, size, color and benefits. To help you choose a better product for your home, office, playgrounds or sports ground.

Types of artificial grass:

Artificial grass is made up of synthetic fibers – the material which is used in these fibers is different types of plastic. The type of plastic decides the quality of synthetic turf. There are three types of plastic used in synthetic grass.

  • Nylon: It is considered as the strongest and most durable type of artificial turf. Nylon turf provides best weather resistance and strong anti-UV-coating which does not let its color fade. The fibers are strong enough that they can bear heavy foot traffic for a long time without losing its shape. Nylon grass is preferred in sport grounds.
  • Polyethylene: Polyethylene is second best in the list. Turf can manage rough foot traffic and it is odor resistant so it is a good choice for residential lawns with kids and pets.
  • Polypropylene: It gives a smooth finishing look to the lawn but it is not durable in extreme temperatures or heavy foot traffic. So it is preferably used indoors for decoration and indoor golf purposes.

Size of Artificial grass:

Size of artificial grass is also important when you select it for your sites. The size matters according to the place of installment of your grass. Generally the turf is available in three sizes

  • Small: Shorter grass is not a good choice for vast grounds or playgrounds as it will not provide a natural look. But if you are selecting it for your yards and you have pets who may roam on it. Then selection of short grass is a good choice. The short size ensures that it will be easier on their paws.
  • Medium: A synthetic turf with average size between 30 to 37mm is commonly used in every synthetic lawn. It gives your area a natural look and it will not let your pile get heavy. The size is perfect for a lawn or yard which is used for multi-purpose. Medium size of grass makes it a good choice for both commercial and residential grounds. The lawn gives a pleasuring look; along the comfort for your feet – that you may be wanted from so long.
  • Large: Although grass is also available in the market with size more than 37mm. This size is not much prevalent among the users as it makes them look heavier, unnatural and flat. So if you are going to buy it beware it may not be a good choice.


Artificial or synthetic grass is available in different colors. Who says that grass is only green? The colors which are available are:

  • Green: The natural looking grass is mostly used among the buyers. Green color gives eyes a fresh and natural look that might provide you peace of mind. It also gives you a normal look. But hold on why select a basic green color lawn when you choose from different shades of green like olive lime and dark green.
  • Pink and bright colors: Artificial grass is now available in pink purple and yellow colors. It might be not a preferable choice for lawns but it is indeed a good selection for sunrooms or play rooms indoors.
  • Blue: Blue color is quite a trend in sports these days. Have you ever watched a tennis game with blue flooring? Well it’s a new color of your grass. Blue turf is also a popular choice to install in playgrounds.

Clare Louise

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