Avoid Common Mistakes When You Need a New Office Location

Renting or buying a corporate office in Kolkata is a big deal for any business so it is important to properly evaluate the situation and make the best decision for you and your company. Moving to a new office has a big impact on the people working for you, and on your customers and clients so it is important to take the right direction. Here are three common mistakes to avoid when moving to a new office location.

Does it have access to good communications?

When you are in the search phase to buy office space in Kolkata you need to consider the communications in that area. Does it have phones, internet access and so on? Is it in an area that has good mobile phone reception? The last thing you need in this day and age is not being able to get online or not receive or make calls. There are a lot of reasons why a building might not have good service, just its location, the walls being very thick, and so on. It is important, especially if you are buying and not renting but either way, to check these things before you sign anything. If there are communication problems and you find out early enough you can then look into things like mobile repeaters and signal strengtheners to get around the issue of the spot is otherwise a perfect choice.

Is the location of the office suitable for the business and its employees?

Consider where the corporate office in Kolkata is in terms of does it work for your business and does it work for your staff. Too often business owners jump into a move thinking just of the office themselves as being great, or a great deal, and then they realise their staff cannot get to work, their customers do not know where they are and clients cannot get to them. If you need people to walk in off the street for business then there is no point in being isolated somewhere off in a commercial setting. Check transport options, whether you will have the access people need and arm yourself with the essential information to make a better choice.

How do the new offices feel to you?

One of the things some make a mistake with is not visiting the offices before selecting them. They look good on paper, they are in a good location and you can buy office space in Kolkata for a good price so they went for it. But you should visit at least once to get a good feel for them. Make sure they work for the kind of business you run and for the equipment you have. Check the lighting, the facilities, the kitchen area, the heating and cooling and so on.


With some thought and research and good planning you can not only find the right offices in the right location but you can successfully run your business from them for as long as you want to!

David Curry

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