Balloons For New Year’s Eve

This year, people are looking forward to the next 2021 even more. And this is not surprising, since the pandemic has forced all of us to give up the fun and lock ourselves in our houses or flats, wear masks and keep our distance. Therefore, we all believe that the next year will bring us the joys that we were deprived of in the previous one. But a holiday without decorations is not a holiday! A Christmas tree and garlands are the traditional items of the celebration. But what about variety? If you are a fan of experimentation, then you should try to create special decorations using balloons!

Balloon Decorations For New Year

Home decoration has become an integral part of preparing for the New Year. By dressing up the Christmas tree and hanging beautiful balls on it, we already feel the spirit of celebration and bring the festive atmosphere. How to decorate rooms with balloons this year? We’re here to help you figure it out.

Chrome Balloons

2021 is the year of the metal bull. You should pay attention to the metallic colors, especially the silver ones. Chrome latex balloons convey the effect of shiny metal and look very beautiful when the light is on. Try to pair two or three colors together (for example, silver, and gold). This will add elegance and richness to the celebration.

It is also a good idea to fill the decorations with helium so that the balloons fly up to the ceiling. Or tie them to gifts for originality.

Latex Balloons

In addition to silver and gold, you can also use white and gray. Latex balloons have a huge color palette. Therefore, you can easily choose the shades you need. Moreover, the combination of white and gray looks very harmonious. You can make an arch, columns, garlands, or simply tie them together for volume.

Beautiful ribbons attached to balloons and interesting inscriptions can personalize your decorations and be remembered for a long time. This is where your imagination works.

Mylar Balloons

Want something more interesting? Then opt for mylar balloons. Here you will find exactly what you need. What about Santa Claus, snowman, Frozen characters? These are all different options for mylar balloons, but you can find much more. These balloons will delight both children and adults. And thanks to the durable material, these decorations will last longer than latex ones.

Balloons with surprises

To give meaning to your decorations, you can put small gifts or notes with wishes inside the balloons. After midnight, guests can pick a balloon, pop it, and have a small but pleasant surprise. Above all, make sure small children are not intimidated by the loud sound of the balloon popping.


Before starting the decorations, plan well what you want to do. It will help you decide which balloons you need. Then it all depends on your taste and imagination. Enjoy the process of preparing for the holiday!


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