Barrier saves strong and robust parking, more security, more privacy

Tired of abusers or slats who take advantage of your property, your parking space, alone, unguarded, and easy to access for being in a community parking? Every day we hear people tired of dealing with this problem that sometimes leads to serious litigation. In the case of private property, the police cannot activate any procedure for the removal of the vehicle. The solution is to denounce through the appearance of a notary in the place, expensive and complicated solution. Install a deterrent in your parking lot, such as a rubber parking blocks; It can help you solve this problem. It is an economical way to protect your garage from abusive invasions. Many models adapt to every taste, needs, and pockets. For those looking for a more resistant, robust, wide product, better anchored to the ground, and with a careful aesthetic, we recommend the parking barrier with 3 anchor bases.

For its enclosure, it consists of a standard European cylinder lock that locks and unlocks to open or close the barrier arch. Made of 50 mm diameter and 2 mm thick steel tube that makes it one of the toughest on the market, helping those who want to protect and give security to their garage and their car (also helps prevent theft, deterring offender). The finish is galvanized to give it better weather resistance.

If we want to climb the speed bumps while our car is parked to deter possible theft, the installation must be done at the limit of the garage space, provided there is enough space. The bad thing about doing the installation in this way is that we run the risk that a neighbor doing maneuvers with his car can hit the barrier. It is advisable to install it one meter from the limit of the garage space to minimize the possibility of the barrier being accidentally struck.

Clare Louise

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