Beauty tips: choosing the right hair styling products

Beautiful hair is the “calling card” of every modern person. It is hard to imagine a completed stylish look without paying attention to the hairstyle. Hairstyle is often becoming a magnet for our eyes, so giving your hair a trendy and seductive styling is no less important than choosing a handbag for a dress.

A cheeky short hairstyle, romantic curls, a smooth ponytail, complex weaving – none of these hairstylies will work without properly selected hair styling products. The choice of product, in turn, depends not only on the degree of complexity of the task but also on the length, structure and behavior of the hair.

How to choose a product that will become a faithful assistant when the eyes run up from the number of bottles with gels, foams, mousses, pastes, creams and hair wax!

What hair styling products are the most popular on the market?


Hairspray still takes the precedence among other hair styling products as an ever-helper product for all occasions. There is still an opinion that the hair after the hairspray will stick together and will look unnatural. But this information is no longer true: the new generation of hair sprays not only doesn’t stick hair together but strengthens and protects them throughout the day thanks to natural extracts in the composition.


There are several degrees of fixation: weak, medium, strong and superstrong. For soft and thin hair, a lacquer with weak fixation is suitable, for normal hair it is medium, and only strong and super strong fixation can cope with hard and naughty hair.

Mousse and foam for hair

Mousse and foam are very similar in consistency, method of application and styling result – to give hair stable volume and curls elasticity. The only difference is that the mousse is lighter and suitable for short and thin hair, and the foam can be used for thick and long curls.

Mousses and foams vary in degree of fixation. For thin hair, products with a low degree of fixation are necessary, for thick and dense hair with high fixation. If you use a product with a high level of fixation, then after drying your hair, additional styling products will not be needed.

Choose hair styling products with thermal protection, which includes a natural complex for moisturizing and nourishing hair and scalp. All this is possible to get in one bottle!

Sprays & fluids

This kind of hair styling products implies weightless liquid care for gloss and styling of your hair. Sprays and fluids are most effective for thin hair which can be shaped and protected against temperature damage during hot styling.

Despite the huge variety of styling products, choosing the right one is not so difficult – just focus on your hair type and the ultimate goal of the hairstyling. Moreover, the right choice will help you create amazing hairstyles without harming your hair.


Clare Louise

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