Benefits of air sealing


Most homeowners concentrate on HVAC upgrades or insulation without thinking about how other features impact energy consumption when it comes to energy efficiency projects. Such features focus on;

When completed, these improvements can enhance the energy efficiency of the home.

Benefits of Air Sealing

Enhance efficiency and comfort

Air can leak in and out of a house through cracks, seams, and gaps, in building materials. Moreover, air leaks create drafts that allow hot air in the summer and cold air in winter. Since adding new insulation does not solve air leakage issues, proper air sealing before adding insulation can be critical to improving overall comfort and saving money.

Improved quality of air

Pollutants from paint, air fresheners, cleaning products, stoves, fireplaces, building materials, and humidifiers can negatively impact indoor air quality. Energy experts can assist you in determining whether your house is under-ventilated, which allows the accumulation of indoor pollutants. They can recommend the addition of ventilation to reduce safety and health risks.

Greater durability

Moisture in the bathroom and basement can result in mildew and musty scents to grow in the home. Sealing air leaks in the crawl space or basement and ensuring exhaust fans are appropriately vented out of the house can assist in keeping moisture out and avoid costly repairs.

Long-Term Savings

Enhancing energy efficiency by sealing air leaks can assist you in saving more energy than attic insulation alone. 



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