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Everything we have discussed so far in this article is about going all-in before the flop. Now we will talk about how you can play a hand after the flop is dealt. This is also called the “post-flop” and this situation occurs regularly. The easiest way to organize your post-flop strategy is to split it into stack sizes, just like pre-flop. That is why the following post-flop strategies are based on the short stack, average stack and large stack from previous sections.

Short stack strategy post-flop

The short stack strategy is very simple because it occurs in few situations. With a short stack you often go all-in or fold. As a result, you are hardly ready to play post-flop with few chips. The only time you see a flop is when you are short-stacked and in the big blind, and everyone has only gone with the big blind. If you hit this flop with a top pair or better, you can do all-in check / raise. If you get a big draw on the flop, you can immediately go all-in yourself because you can’t let anyone fold if they place a raise against your short stack. In case of the situs judi online poker this is important now.

Post-flop all-in with an average stack

An average stack will also not have very many decisions after the flop. Most were made before the flop was dealt. However, because there are more ways to view a flop with an average stack than with a short stack, we will give an example below of a situation in which you can engage yourself.

Let’s assume that you have 15 big blind people and you have decided to go with just the big blind from the button because four other players have already gone with the big blind. Because there is already a lot of money in the pot, it is sometimes worthwhile to take risks and hit well on the flop. Especially with a suited connector (hands like 7-8 Suited) it is a good plan to watch a flop if more players are limped (only with the big blind).

What to do with AQ suited

Although going all-in can sometimes come in handy, it is usually incorrect because there is a chance that someone with a strong hand has come along. In general, with an average stack you will only have to go all-in with a big hand or big draw on the flop or if there are already many chips in the pot.

It is also good to go all-in as a bluff in some situations if you think the players in the hand do not have a strong hand and can get you away. Make sure you have outs to complete a hand. If someone goes along, then you still have opportunities to win the hand.

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