Best Maharashtrian Gold Jewellery Ornaments You Should Know 

Maharashtra is the second-biggest state in India both in terms of size and population. With its rich cultural heritage, Maharashtra is considered the best state in India to have the best gold jewellery designs. With the traditional gold jewellery influenced by the Marathi culture, it’s the option for you to wear in the special functions. There are a lot of Maharashtrian jewellery designs that you might not know. With deep inspiration from the cultural aspects of the state, the jewellery is made. 

Many people prefer Maharashtrian Jewellery due to its rich cultural heritage and beautiful designs. When it comes to the jewellery for the marriage functions, there is nothing better than the traditional Maharashtrian jewellery. If you are interested in getting the best Maharashtrian jewellery, then it’s essential to understand the various Maharashtrian Jewellery designs and choose the best one that suits your needs. 

Best Maharashtrian Gold Jewellery Designs 

#1 – Kolhapuri Saaj 

When it comes to the real signature gold jewellery from Maharashtra, nothing can match the style and royalty of the Kolhapuri Saaj. Kolhapuri saaj is a necklace, which is made with gold beads and 21-flower shaped pendants. The pendants and the gold beads are woven together in a multilayered setting to make it look like a stunning gold ornament. The design of this jewellery is inspired by the Maharashtrian Culture, especially the one from the Kolhapur region of the state. 

#2 – Nath 

Nath is the nose pin, which is pretty common in Maharashtra. Although the Nath is used in the various states across India, the origin of the same is in the Maharashtrian Culture. Nath is predominantly made with the Pearls and the Rubies. To hold all the pearls and the rubies together, a thin gold wire is used. It’s a pretty delicate and beautiful gold ornament that everyone should wear.  

#3 – Thushi 

This is a choker necklace, which is pretty common In Maharashtra. Made with delicate pieces of gold chips and wires, it’s pretty delicate and heavy at the same time. The choker necklace can be tied with golden threads, and the tightness of the same is highly adjustable. This Kolhapuri Thushi has multiple variations and comes in all shapes and sizes. With the options in the design aspects, one can get a unique Choker for special functions like marriage and festivals. 

Final Words 

India is one of the oldest known countries in this world, and each part of the country has a rich cultural heritage. With Maharashtrian Jewellery, you can easily live the traditional culture. With these amazing Maharashtrian Gold Ornament Designs, you can enjoy life as a Maharashtrian woman in traditional attire. 

Clare Louise

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