Best Online Movie and TV Streaming Services

Streaming services have become an ever-growing industry with many households actually have more than one streaming service to ensure that they are benefitting from multiple amounts of choice when it comes to picking a tv series or movie. It is a very flooded market now, with multiple services now for us to choose from, today we show you our favourites to pick from.

Of course, and quite easily the most popular is that of Netflix – the first streaming service to ever do it and burst onto the scene back in 2013 and has certainly started this new trend of how we watch TV. The streaming services comes with three different price brackets dependant on how many viewers you want at the same time and what kind of quality you want when viewing, but all have the same selection to choose from and is quite easily the broadest out of its competitors and would be the streaming service we would pick if we could only have one due to its new content every month.

Streaming services really have been the winner’s of 2020 due to the global pandemic causing us to find alternative methods to entertain ourselves during the times of lockdown and therefore may have found themselves camped Infront of the TV and finding something to watch. Moreover, other industries that have also had similar success stories to this are online casinos such as these No Account Casinos.  This is due to the same fact that many are looking for new methods of entertainment and casinos have been able to offer a 24/7 service for many who are bored in lockdown.

The next streaming service that we have been using is Amazon’s version, Prime Video. Although Prime Video doesn’t have the number of subscribers that Netflix does, it certainly has the exposure due to it being ran by the internet’s largest e-commerce marketplace. We do believe that Prime Video will become more popular over time due to this and know that when signed up with Amazon Prime Video, know you are also getting all the Amazon Prime benefits which includes Free Next Day Delivery.

And finally, the newest streaming service on the market that was actually released during lockdown is that of Disney+. Now although the other two services offer more variety than Disney+, if you are a Disney fan then there is no other place you should be looking with virtually every Disney classic being on here ready to watch – a streaming service we certainly expect to grow in time.

Clare Louise

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