Best tips for creating a dinner party menu for Capricorn 


 As a host, Capricorns party menu should be carefully planned, keeping in mind the taste, nourishment and presentation of all dishes. Because, different people have varying food choice, it’s tricky to make all of them satisfied and make party totally fun-filled. The menu has appetizer, desserts, snacks, beverages and so on. Keep food light and refreshing by skipping too much fats and cheesy texture. Fresh fruits, raw vegetables, whole-grain cereals and citrus drinks are an ideal option. It’s good to add variety of cuisines for capricorn like continental, Italian, Chinese, Thai, Mexican, American, Spanish and French. Some also go for spicy ingredients, so they can enjoy Indian recipes but these are usually high in calories. Snacks are either deep fried or baked according to the recipe. Include tea time snacks and take appetizer ideas from main meals. Combine all of them to create a perfect menu for the party. 

Planning the best menu is an art and is not as simple as it may apparently seem. Getting help from a chef, friend and online sources can be of immense help. You can also have a hi-tea at a reputed restaurant to see what they offer. 

10 ideas for party menu are given here:

  1. Focus on flavor 

The most important consideration is the flavor of the food. It should be rich in taste to make all guests happy. The spices must be blended well to produce a unique perfect flavor that is not too salty or tangy. It should be perfect with the right proportion of all spices. 

  1. Chocolate is a must

Dark or white chocolate truffles, cookies, brownie, shake, molten lava cake or shake is a scrumptious choice for party menu. Earthy Capricorn is a traditional sign that likes to keep things simple. Everyone loves chocolate which is smooth, rich and creamy. Use it in various snacks to add variety. Always add high-quality tasteful chocolate made with cocoa beans. There are dark and milk versions. Choose as you like. Dark chocolate is healthier choice. 

  1. Garnish skillfully

People love attractive food that is decorated with different items. Cut cookies in various shapes and draw patterns over it. Cocktail umbrella and lemon slices are good for beverages. Add fresh herbs to make the food colorful. Cupcakes can be added with various food colors to bring vibrant shades in them. 

  1. Protein dishes

Party is not all about fruits and vegetables. Chicken, fish, beef and turkey are great additions to make healthy foods. Baked chicken breast, finger fish, beef burgers and smoked turkey are perfect for the occasion. 

  1. Sauces and accompaniments

Planners often neglect the importance of sauces and condiments. They are the best partners in any party menu. So, make sure you choose sauces carefully like mustard, soy, chocolate sauce, peanut butter and so on. Dips and salsa are also served with savory foods to enhance their taste. 

  1. Mini burgers and sandwiches

These are light and healthy version that are awesome for any party. Keep them smaller in size to make them cute. Fast food is liked by everyone and it’s good to have it in the menu. 

  1. Italian cuisine

Why not have thin crust pizza and fresh Panini for a toothsome indulgence. Relish with friends together the touch of oregano, juicy veggies, rich mozzarella and fresh herbs. Deep pan pizza is also delicious but thin curst is healthier and lighter. Top pizza with variety of ingredients to have more flavors. Some are vegetarians, others like shredded chicken. Some like bar-be- cued meat with mushrooms and capsicum. Having various versions of the same food it a lovely idea. 

8.Add variety 

Instead of having the same food or a few dishes, try to make lots of recipes to be inspirational. Appetizers, savory and sweet snacks, beverages, tea, coffee and desserts should be included in party menu. It should be rich and fascinating to the guests. 

  1. Ice cream and frozen yogurt

Serve ice creams in different flavors and styles. These can be waffle cones, scoops, brownie ala mode and chocolate bars. Frozen yogurt is another healthy option that can be served with other desserts. 

  1. Salad

Today, there is a huge variety in salads and starters. There are creamy salads, fresh vegetable salads and fruit versions as well. Some are high in calories too and having more satiety value than others. Add tomatoes, beans, onion, capsicum, ice berg, lettuce, chick peas, nuts and cream to make them delicious. Choose dressing carefully to complement with the salad. Vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil, olive oil, mustard sauce and thousand island sauce are often used in dressings. Nuts are a healthy addition to vegetables. Chicken and fish can be added for variety. Fruit salads are refreshing and nutritious. Choose citrus fruits and combine together to come up with a unique flavor. 

Try these tips and enjoy the party. 



Paul Petersen

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