Best Vacation Spots for Couples This Year

Going on a romantic vacation can be a lovely getaway for you and your significant other. Whether it’s your first time away together or you’re celebrating a milestone anniversary, there are plenty of awesome destinations you can check out to have some nice quality time with your person. As you’re looking for a place to head to this year, have fun searching for unique destinations and romantic spots you’ll be sure to love.

Every couple is unique and will enjoy different types of trips. No one knows how you are as a couple better than you do. Look for historic places or landmark cities that are interesting to you both. Or opt for a week away just lying on the beach. You can take a crazy adventure somewhere new or try out a romantic stay at a five-star hotel. The possibilities are endless for fun trips you can enjoy with your partner. Here are a few ideas for the best vacation destinations for the two of you this year.

Enjoy a cozy cabin getaway.

If you’re an adventurous couple, you may enjoy a week away in the mountains or staying cozied up in a nice cabin. Drink hot cocoa by the fire and see some of the most beautiful sights in the world. Just make sure you pack accordingly for that destination. Check out great jackets and new arrivals in select styles as you’re packing. With the right merchandise at good discounts, you can have fun picking out stylish looks for you and your partner this trip. Whether you go with a v-neck sweater or limited-time-only options from nice boutiques, have fun looking great for your adventurous getaway.

Check out somewhere historic.

Across the country and the world, there are so many historic locations. If you are into that kind of thing, you can enjoy great ghost tours in Savannah, Key to the South trips in Vicksburg, or historic landmarks in Washington DC. Use your vacation as an opportunity to learn more and explore some of the areas with a rich history right here in the United States.

Try a super romantic destination.

When you think of romance, you think of lying by the pool with drinks in hand. You picture couple’s massages and candlelit dinners. There may even be a tropical beach involved in this ideal vacation. Have fun searching for an all-expenses-paid resort that can offer you all this and more. These can be excellent vacation destinations for a honeymoon especially.

Take a crazy adventure.

For this year’s couple’s vacation, think a little outside the box. Think of an adventure you’ve always wanted to take and go for it. This can mean something different for different couples. Maybe you’ve always wanted to see the theme parks in Orlando or you want to take a cruise to Alaska. Rent a van and drive across the country or try to visit every national park for some great hiking. Have fun finding the adventure that you and your sweetheart can enjoy together.

Travel abroad to a new country.

If you have the means and time to do a big trip, it can be fun to consider going abroad. Seeing a new place and experiencing a culture you’ve never been around can broaden your mind and help you see a brand new perspective. There are so many beautiful sites across the globe that can inspire you and your partner.

Explore the landmark cities.

Cities like New York, LA, Paris, and London are some of the backdrops for great stories. These landmark cities can be even cooler to see in person. If you’ve never been to some of these places, that may be the perfect destination for your trip this year.


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