Boost Your Health with Kosher Diet

In the flurry of weight loss pills, extreme workouts, and dietary plans, there is no denying that all eyes are on the health industry now more than ever. But there is actually one food routine that offers practical benefits for those who are looking for a genuinely healthy diet, and that is none other than kosher.

What are Kosher Foods?

From the name itself, it is easy to assume that kosher foods were once a unique cuisine exclusive to the Jewish community. However, it has been revealed that only a small number of all kosher food shoppers actually do so to conform to the dietary rules of their religion.

You need to remember that being kosher is not a style or type of food such as Mexican or Italian. Instead, it is more of the process of preparation and the inspection routine that makes these foods kosher. But kosher diet doesn’t include certain kinds of victuals to achieve and make the most out of a healthy lifestyle.

For food products to be regarded as kosher, it needs to withstand different tests and processes to ensure that it is totally healthy. What is even more interesting here is that even those people who carry out different job duties related to food, like the butchers, must be well-trained in Jewish law and of pious character. What sets kosher foods apart from the non-kosher ones starts with the specific types of animals as well as the way these are slaughtered and transported to the markets.

The animal or meat undergoes thorough inspection for any broken bones or sickness that might have led to the animal suffering from infections and other types of diseases, making it unsafe to eat based on Jewish law. The truth is that kosher inspections have more rejections than the USDA itself, making them healthier and safer compared to standard practices.

Why Keep Kosher, Anyway?

One of the key health benefits of keeping kosher foods is the fact that there are no unspecified contaminates that get into the food being eaten. The special procedures and regulations see to it that bugs and insects don’t find they way into fruits, grains, and vegetables before packing.

Food allergies are one more concern for those who consume kosher foods. If a food is considered kosher, stern regulations are followed and put into place to ensure that the production of various types of foods get separated in totally different facilities to confirm that no accidental combining or mixture of products happens at all. It is especially crucial for people with allergies to items like shellfish that usually end up as byproducts in certain packaged foods.

Kosher law also forbids some types of seafood. Shrimp, lobster, and crab, often called bottom feeders, are not allowed because these can contain some pollutants such as mercury that can be dangerous for humans. Salmon and other kinds of healthy fish, on the other hand, are allowed and can benefit your diet as these are high in nutrients and protein and low in fat.

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Agnes John

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