Business Top 10 Lists of Products Including the Unimat

The entire company of Unimat is responsible for manufacturing a range of PVC products as well as rubber products. The company is working since 20 years. Their main aim is to attain complete satisfaction for their consumers. This is possible when they provide innovative and good quality products to their customers. 

These products that are manufactured in this company are at the lowest price in the entire economy and also follow the strictest standards as possible. These products are very carefully designed. 

The products manufactured by Unimat do go for several testing in the laboratory. These products are carefully made under the ASTM standards. This company is very nicely appreciated by the clients and also the distributors. These distributors are made by the companies over a long period of years. Their appreciation helps the company to be more successful. 

The top 10 products manufactured by the company 

  • Logo rugs– These rugs are made up from printed cloth. It could either be used in the residential or commercial places.
  • Promotional rugs– These are designer rugs which imprints advertisements on them. These have a rubber base and can easily be cleaned.
  • Gym floors– These are basically rubber based.
  • Yoga mats– These mats are light weighted so that it could be easily transported.
  • Entrance mats- These mats also made up of either rubber or plastic. Easy to wash.
  • Anti-fatigue mats– These have a great durability. They are made up of PVC of high quality. 
  • Rugs for children– These are made quite foamy. They also can be easily placed for the safety of the children.
  • Pool floor- They are made up from high quality of PVC. They specially have holes to penetrate liquids from them.
  • Synthetic grass- These are made up of Polypropylene. They are generally made up of shades of green and also coffee. 
  • Animal mats- They have a non-slip finishes. They are quite thick in nature. 


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