It is special:

The gifts and the greetings that you choose for your friends and family tell a lot about how special they are to you. Everyone has the thought to send greetings that are the best and one of a kind. It is the other way around too as your friends and family send you the best gifts on occasions to convey the thought that you are very special to them. However what should be the gift is a very big question which rings in your mind and until you have bought the gift and packed to be sent you will not rest and that is how anxious you will be. But now with the tampines flower shop, you need not be anxious as you have it all taken care of by their special service model.

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In all colors:

  • The flowers that are used to make the arrangements for the bouquet are well hosen and they remain fresh for longer when compared with the others and this makes them more fragrant as well.
  • The main part of the arrangement is the rose and they are chosen in almost all colors that they can find. The next is the tulip and they have the sun flower arrangement, the hydrangeas are also added so that a well combined arrangement is made.
  • The flowers can solo as well where you get a single variety of flowers for the bouquet. The foliage is also well chosen so as to remain fresh for long.
  • The various combinations that they have are shown in the catalogue according o the category.
  • You can choose the one package which suits you the most. The price of the package is mentioned alongside the picture of the bouquet and you can check it for making sure.
  • The prices are kept reasonable so that more people can afford them.
  • Along with the bouquet you can also add some other varieties of treats like chocolates or perfume or other items which will add to the richness of the whole arrangement.
  • The bouquets are packed in two forms where one has the paper and cloth background ted into bow and the other is in the basket format with handles to carry them easily.

You can make you choice easily at tampines flower shop and have them delivered to the right address on time with great efficiency.

Clare Louise

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