Can You Save Money With a Water Purifier?


The use of bottled water has become an underlying thread that ties many people around the world, thanks to its convenience and portability.

However, the plastics used to house this essential element of our lives also increases the carbon footprint tremendously with a footprint of 1.6 ounces (60.48 g) to 23 ounces (0.68 l) per bottle.

Although the taste of bottled water is widely preferred, surprisingly, this niche of water does not undergo filtration, treatment and testing processes to meet required health standards as tap water does.

This is why many consumers elect to use water filtration or purifier systems. Because the average cost of $6.00 a case, or about $0.40 per bottle, this can quickly become a costly option throughout the year. Here are a few ways water purifiers can save you money.

Wide Range of Choices

Many consumers are interested in having access to the highest quality, best tasting water possible.

Thanks to the wide range of best water filter singapore options designed for individual water bottles, pitchers and stand-along water systems, it is easier now more than ever to have access to clean water.

Under sink water filters designed to be retrofitted to your existing kitchen faucet will even ensure tap water used for hand washing dishes and cooking tastes better.

A family of four can save up to $1400 a year on average from the use of an under-the-sink filtration system. Purchasing a refrigeration system with an onboard filtration system will not only supply better tasting water and ice free of unpleasant smells.

With an average lifespan of six months, the average cost savings of using a refrigeration filter when compare to the use of bottled water can lead to a significant cost savings.

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