Cheer Fundraiser Ideas Worthy of Social Media Outlets

Social media has always been relevant since the late nineties, yet it only recently became a global phenomenon due to the immense popularity of certain websites. Although these websites started exclusively as tools of communication, they grew to include other features such as allowing users to post their thoughts and opinions on certain matters happening in the world, share videos and articles that pique their interest, play games, and promote their advocacy. Regardless, there’s no doubt that social media has created a paradigm shift in the way we perceive communication and the many events that happen in our lives, as well as how we represent ourselves to the public.  Here are some cheer fundraiser ideas that will surely gain traction online.

Cheerleading in America is a highly revered sport. Most of the participants are students from schools across the country with aspirations of reaching the finals (or the nationals if they’re lucky). The biggest obstacle for a lot of these men and women, however, is the different costs they have to think about concerning their food, clothing, transportation, and others. To raise funds for themselves, they can choose to utilize social media in highly creative ways.For help with your cheer fundraising, visit Fundraising Zone.

With that said, here are a few ways cheerleaders can use social media to gather funds and promote themselves to the public.

  1. Cheerleaders can set up cheerleading centers.

Since cheerleading seems to be quite famous among youngsters (especially little girls), cheerleaders can set up centers either within their schools, neighborhood or make it available online

When setting these centers up online, cheerleaders can gather the interests of a larger audience by making their online advertisements look more patriotic by adding in an american flag emoji which symbolizes a sense of pride as an american cheerleader . Usual activities include mastering many kinds of cheers and basic movements. By the end of the session, those who signed up are tasked to perform in front of their parents or teachers, and if they do well, they can even be invited to participate during half time in actual games. Not only will the cheerleaders be able to receive a lot of money by doing this; they’ll also be helping kids stay healthy, gain confidence, and learn the importance of teamwork.
  1. Cheerleaders can organize a fashion show.

 Fashion shows appear quite a lot in social media, and cheerleaders can use this idea to market their teams effectively to the public. The flashier and trendier the outfits they display, the better the marketing. More customers are also likely to buy a lot of tickets if they see how exciting it seems to be. Organizing a fashion show can be tremendously fun, but it involves a lot of time management, team effort, and creativity. Designing and making the outfits themselves also require money, so it would be best if the cheerleaders who wish to take advantage of this opportunity thoroughly identify their goals first.

  1. Cheerleaders can make money out of collecting different kinds of trash.

In this day and age, the utmost care for the environment has become prominent advocacy. Cheerleaders can collect various types of trash such as bottle caps, cans, paper, and many more and recycle them for a wide range of prices. Not only are they able to receive tons of money from the service they’re providing; they’re also nurturing the environment in the process. Going green doesn’t always have to be profit-less.

  1. Cheerleaders can create videos and sell them.

Creating videos is another great way for cheerleaders to raise money. If a teammate, a friend, or a family member knows how to use a camera or edit videos, then consider making one that’ll feature the squad’s best performances and routines during games and competitions. Cheerleaders can also choose to make how-to videos featuring basic cheers and techniques. Selling these videos to family members, friends, and online is a good marketing strategy that’ll help the public see just how great they are and how tight the bonds are in their teams.

Because of the immense popularity of their sport, cheerleaders should look at social media as a strategic tool that’ll help them in the long-run and use it effectively. Being able to brand themselves online will not only impress the public, but it’ll also aid them in their understanding of the profound influence of social media especially on advocacy they wish to partake in the future. It’s a given that there’ll be setbacks they’ll eventually have to overcome when using social media, but if they remain focused, they can succeed.

Paul Petersen

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