Choose the Right Lawyer for Your Options Now

Maybe you’ve never been to a law firm. The next few lines will allow you to prepare for this interview in a simple manner.

The first consultation with your Theft Lawyer Overland Park is an important moment during which the relationship of trust will be forged. The Lyon Bar gives you some advice below to prepare for this interview

Show your business

The main purpose of consulting with your lawyer is to explain your case to him for advice.

Here are some tips to optimize your first date:

  • tidy up your relevant papers and documents,
  • write a detailed timeline of events,
  • Write down the names and contact details of all the people appearing in the file (witnesses, adversaries, etc.),
  • Write down any information you have, whether negative or positive. Leave it to the lawyer to work with you to determine what is and is not relevant to your interests. Do not hide anything from him, he is there to defend you and must know all the elements of the case,
  • List all your questions.

A relationship of trust

During your interview, follow these tips:

  • Ask them to explain the procedure to you and to find out about the steps likely to increase the cost,
  • Make sure you have understood all the explanations of your lawyer: ask questions, ask him to rephrase an explanation, to explain the words not understood,
  • Ask your lawyer to keep you regularly informed and to undertake to obtain your approval for any new action that may generate additional expenses (egg: expertise, bailiff fees, etc.);
  • Ask to be invoiced on a regular basis (and not only at the end of the result), and set the invoicing periods with him.
  • When you need to go to court or settle a legal dispute, it is often best to get help from a specialist lawyer. 

Choose a specialized lawyer

So how do you choose this lawyer? Several essential points must be observed:

This lawyer must be a specialist in the field which concerns you

  • Obviously, this lawyer must be an expert in the problem you want to solve.
  • For a divorce: a lawyer specializing in family law.
  • For a problem with your driver’s license: a specialist in automobile law.
  • For a dismissal or a problem between employer and employee: a lawyer specializing in labor law.
  • For a visa or family reunification problem: choose a lawyer specializing in foreigners’ law.
  • For a debt problem: a lawyer specializing in over- indebtedness law.

You can see the specialties of these lawyers on their website or on advertisements for their firm.

It does not have to be an acquaintance or acquaintance of a friend

Don’t choose a lawyer because a friend advises you. He may have been very good with a divorce case and will not be good with a termination. A friend will not have an objective point of view on this dispute and may not necessarily make the right decisions. In addition, if your case goes badly, you may get angry with the lawyer, but also with your friend.

You must have a good feeling with this lawyer

From the first date, you should feel that the current is flowing with him. You must feel it close to your problem. In addition, he must be available: if you cannot reach him when you need him or if you leave repeated messages and he does not call you back, do not hesitate to change lawyers!

It must appear clear to you in its prices

The rates for a lawyer can be per hour worked or on a flat-rate basis but if he does not clearly tell you at the start of the procedure about how much it will cost you, beware.

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